‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Almost Doubled CBS All Access Mobile Subscription Revenue (EXCLUSIVE)

Two icons of the television era have come under the spell of online. Star Trek: Discovery launched on CBS All Access and YouTube TV will sponsor the baseball World Series. We discuss the implications of both.

Chapter 1: Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access (1:15)

Star Trek: Discovery launched last weekend and CBS hopes will it will provide a big boost for its All Access service. Viewership was down 15% overall for CBS on its regular channel during premieres week. A lot of that viewing is switching to on-demand platforms like DVRs and All Access. This could be a good sign for putting Discovery on All Access.

The launch of the show could have gone better. A football game running long meant the premiere episode on broadcast TV started late. This angered many Trekkies, particularly those that had recorded the show and missed the end.

Production costs for the show were, according to CBS head Les Moonves, covered by the amount paid by Netflix to license the exclusive international rights to the show.

Not much information on how many new signups to CBS All Access is available. CBS says that subscriber growth has been up nearly 200% since the debut of the show. App Annie, an app analytics specialist, told Variety that CBS almost doubled mobile subscription revenue after the first episode of Discovery. The company also said that downloads of the mobile app almost doubled. These results led to CBS earning more than $60,000 on October 1st through Android and iOS devices. App Annie data does not include All Access registrations that occurred through CBS’s web interface or TV connected devices.

Chapter 2: YouTube TV sponsors the World Series (10:30)

YouTube TV will be the presenting sponsor of the 2017 World Series on Fox. The sponsorship includes national TV spots, on-air callouts during the games, branding on MLB’s digital properties and social media accounts, plus in-stadium promotion and MLB players competing in postseason promotional events. Will says that the value of the deal has not been disclosed, but he speculates that it runs to 7 or 8-figures.

The sponsorship deal underlines just how important the television screen is to YouTube, and its parent Google. I analyzed the costs of the channels that YouTube TV provides and am reasonably sure the service is paying more in license fees than it receives in subscriptions. YouTube is willing to put up with these losses and heavily promote the service as well. Not all the services are making a loss. Sling TVs ex-CEO, Roger Lynch, assured me that Sling TV was making money. It was able to do so by avoiding including all the broadcast networks in its base service.

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Almost Doubled CBS All Access Mobile Subscription Revenue (EXCLUSIVE)
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Almost Doubled CBS All Access Mobile Subscription Revenue (EXCLUSIVE)