“FIFA's Standard, Buriram United Football Field”

I have been to I mobile stadium at least a dozen times in the last two years.

As for as the facility itself I would consider it mediocre. However my frame of reference is in comparison to professional sports stadiums in The USA. Which are probably exceptional. For example, I-Mobile does not have any food available. There is beer and other drinks for sale, but you can not take them back to your seats and there is nowhere to sit or relax with you beverage. Also the VIP rooms are very basic. No big plush seats, just the same stadium seating as the rest of the crowd, with the benefit of a A/C room with a table and TV. The meals served in the VIP rooms are just ready to eat microwave meals. Also there are no big screens showing replays or close up action within the grounds. No this is my own perception. It is widely argued that this is not only the biggest (capacity of over 30,000) football stadium in Thailand, but also the best. Many of my English friends say that it is comparable in quality to many of the stadiums of the English Premier League clubs.

But brick and mortar aside, this place has a great atmosphere! It is electric! Loud! Funloving! The GU12 fan club section is crazy, chanting, singing, playing drums etc... It is the people of Buriram that make this place so special! The brotherly spirit. The sportsmanship! And Of Course... the professional attitude on the field is hard to compare with any sporting event I have ever been to. It is The Breath of Buriram!

Ticket prices are 150 Baht. Beer is cheap. There is some food available outside the stadium. CP vendors and a GU12 bar that serves some food and beer. And... of course... a 7-11. This year they also built a small Amari hotel on the grounds.

You can have a great night out for less then 500 Baht. Highly recommended!

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“FIFA's standard, Buriram United football field”