'Even The Stones Reek With Sadness': Here Is What's Left Of Aleppo

Amid the rubble fields of eastern Aleppo, Ibrahim Shabelle was hawking a traditional licorice drink to shoppers, tradesmen and others frequenting a shattered but lively main drag.

“Cold juice!” Shabelle cried out, offering cool glasses of the dark beverage to all takers for the equivalent of about 20 cents.

He was in the Al Shaar neighborhood, which was under control of antigovernment rebels for more than four years. Al Shaar has seen more than its share of trauma — gun battles, bombardments, mass abandonment, power blackouts, food shortages, and lack of water and medical care.

But now a sense of relative stability has descended on the district, despite vast expanses of pancaked buildings, rubble-strewn streets and walls perforated with bullet holes and shrapnel scars. Some residents who fled during the war years have returned, and there is a halting sense of renewed life on the streets. But the area remains largely depopulated. And no one dares say that the war is ending anytime soon.

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Source : http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-aleppo-neighborhood-20170420-story.html

'Even the stones reek with sadness': Here is what's left of Aleppo
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