10 Things We Know About New F1 Chairman Chase Carey


So, while the politics still need to be worked out and we're still getting used to a new face in the F1 paddock, we're taking time out to share what we know about Chase Carey.

Here's a quick top-10 list of things we know about Chase Carey:


10. As COO at Fox Inc. in the '90s, helped launch Fox News and Fox Sports.

9. Key figure in brokering the $1.58 billion deal between Fox Network and the NFL.

8. Former rugby player for Colgate University, where he received his undergraduate degree; he also holds a master’s degree from Harvard, where he played rugby for the Harvard Business School.

7. Has attended one Formula 1 race in his life (2016 Singapore Grand Prix).

6. In 2003, as CEO of DirecTV, Carey helped add 1 million subscribers and is credited for bringing the company back to profitability.

5. Longtime friend and close advisor to media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

4. He sports a handlebar mustache that hides a scar he received in a car accident.

3. Carey is a native New Yorker and a Yankees fan.

2. Has been know to drink the occasional Budweiser during his commuter train ride home (we expect a switch to Heineken -- a major F1 sponsor).

1. In 2013, talking about "The Simpsons," Carey called it "the best written show in the history of television."

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10 things we know about new F1 chairman Chase Carey
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