14 Things We Learned Driving The Amazing Three Wheel Vanderhall Venice

The Vanderhall Venice might look old-school, but it has a full ABS brake system and traction control. So the hardware is there to include electronic stability control, but "we took stability control out because it ruined the experience," says Hall. "We couldn't dial the system back far enough to preserve the fun."

Hall says when he pushed the Venice hard into a corner, the stability control would cut in far too early and chop out too much speed. He says the front drive configuration allows the Venice to remain easy to control as it approaches the limit of its handling. Although we only hit that limit briefly with a squealing outside front tire, it still felt planted in the corner—and we simply backed out of the throttle, like cruising in any potent front driver.

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Source : http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/technology/g3160/vanderhall-venice-test-drive/

14 Things We Learned Driving the Amazing Three-Wheel Vanderhall Venice
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