15 Perfect Spots In Northeast USA To Commune With Nature

7. Hillsborough NJ: Duke Farms. After socialite, Doris Duke, died in 1993, she left her Somerset County NJ land (that her father JB Duke developed to showcase his interest in horticulture, agriculture and hydropower) to the people. Ardent gardeners might remember Duke’s “Gardens of the World” conservatory – an acre of plantings under glass – which is gone now, replaced by 2,750 acres encompassing bike and walking paths, a renovated Orchid Range (more hothouse orchids than at Longwood Gardens), stone bridges, 5-10 acre plots for several “Enterprise Farmers,” water features, statuary, and repurposed buildings.

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Source : https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/15-perfect-spots-in-northeast-usa-to-commune-with-nature_us_5a58e881e4b01ccdd48b5bb0

15 Perfect Spots in Northeast USA to Commune With Nature
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