A movie's villain is incredibly important, since they provide the story with its obstacles and stakes. They also come in many different forms; some are over-the-top pantomime villains, while others are deliberately positioned as likable and sympathetic. Then there are villains who are utterly horrifying and genuinely painful to watch.

While such disturbing villains don't make for easy viewing, they are usually the best type of movie villain. Intense antagonists of this kind are good for representing the film's themes and ideas, add stakes and real horror to proceedings and are also usually the kind of antagonist viewers will never be able to forget.


These following villains are exceptionally disturbing figures who were completely monstrous on virtually every level. While they are uncomfortable to watch, they are also uniformly brilliant characters and some of the most effective villains of all time. Many of these villains actually stole the entire film and overshadowed the heroes. In short, movie villains don't get much more unpleasant than these guys but they don't get much better either.

Worst of all, quite a few of these on-screen characters actually existed in real life...

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Source : http://whatculture.com/film/15-chilling-movie-villains-that-are-harrowing-to-watch

15 Chilling Movie Villains That Are Harrowing To Watch
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