2016 Toyota Tacoma: More Refinement, Power, MPGs And Capability [Video Review]


"Toyota redefined the 1/2 pickup in 2007. If they didn't drop the 5.7 381 hp 6 speed auto, you'd probably still have that gutless 5.4/5 speed 5.7 hemi/4 speed, and 6.0/4 speed Vortecmaxx...."

Haha, that's a good one. Toyota has had very little impact on the full-size market in retrospect, in part because they've been slower than the other 3 to evolve.


There's so much competitive tit-for-tat Between the Big 3 in the half/three-quarter/one-ton space that Toyota is barely an outside blip on the radar. You're talking about 3 truck lines that account for 2.2-2.5 million units sold PER YEAR, versus about 200k for the Tundra, and *maybe* 400k WITH the Tacoma (in other words, fewer than what Ram sells by itself). Toyota's iForce DOHC V8 wasn't some watershed moment for the industry. Nissan had a DOHC V8 of similar displacement a few years before, and theirs puts out almost as much torque to this very day (even if it's short 60+ HP). Plus, at the time Ford and GM were already well into their partnership building the 6-speed auto that they are replacing with a new 8/10-speed as we speak. Ford replaced the 5.4 in the F-150 with the 3.5 EB almost 5 years ago, and in fact they've expanded their EB line as they've lightened their truck. The Ram's Hemi still has the same power as Toyota's iForce while being "older", and Ram was first to market with an 8-speed. And you do realize the new F-150, on average, is around 1100 lbs lighter than a 1794 Tundra, right?

Toyota is by far the slowest to update their trucks (Nissan notwithstanding). But now you'll claim how reliable they are and how high their resale is (another half-truth), won't you?

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