Accusations Fly Over Cancellation Of ���Free Speech Week��� At UC Berkeley

According to an open letter the attorney for the Berkeley Patriot, the organizers of Free Speech Week, sent to UCB the university is entirely responsible for the cancellation of the event.

According to the letter the university administration and its employees were openly hostile to the group and obstructed it at every turn. The university set impossibly short deadlines for various arbitrary requirements, then refused to communicate with the group. The last straw came after somebody put up posters and chalked sidewalks with messages like “Berkeley hates free speech,” “Berkeley is run by thugs in black masks” (antifa), “[Expletive] your commie trash,” and “mean words are still legal words.”

Separate from the attorney’s open letter to the university, the UCB chancellor personally announced she has directed the campus police department to investigate whether those messages constitute hate crimes. Apparently she can’t move fast enough to demonstrate that every single allegation the attorney made against the university administration is true. Obviously if the university considers a chalked message “Berkeley hates free speech” a hate crime then it does hate free speech. Berkeley is run by thugs in black masks. Per the First Amendment mean words are legal words. Per the UCB chancellor they are hate crimes. As far as the obscenity about their commie trash, antifa and and their leftist allies have left more obscene messages when conservative speakers spoke on campus. I’ve seen video of the messages the thugs in black masks left outside the venue where Ben Shapiro spoke last week. Not once has the university hinted that those messages constitute hate crimes. This is clearly viewpoint discrimination.

The university is also threatening to retaliate against individual members of the student group The Berkeley Patriot by penalizing them with various punishments up to and including expulsion. That, according to the attorney, was the last straw that forced The Berkeley Patriot to cancel the event. The attorney says she has filed “a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, claiming that UC Berkeley’s administration engaged in ‘a pattern and practice of systematic suppression’ of their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.”

The UCB chancellor’s reaction to these harmless messages lends credence to the student group’s charges against the administration. Several other events over the past few months lends further credence to these charges. The federal government has designated antifa a domestic terrorist organization. Yet both the university and city administrations are clearly coordinating with antifa to shut down these events. If they aren’t antifa themselves. I say that with good reason which I will shortly make clear.

I don’t know who this guy is, but he cites three sources; the AP, the Fresno Bee, and Berkeleyside (links both embedded in and at the bottom of the article). I didn’t see the AP report but I had seen the Fresno Bee report on the February anti-Milo Yiannopolous riots and the quotes he attributes to that newspaper are accurate according to my memory. Unfortunately the Fresno Bee and AP articles have been taken down. The only link that works is Berkeleyside, and he accurately quotes from that source. So this post is accurate to that extent. Both the UC and city of Berkeley police chiefs admit they told their forces to stand down so as to not to “escalate” the violence. The dumb broad running the UCBPD actually has the the arrogance to claim that anyone who thinks that they should have intervened to stop the violence, per Berkeleyside “Our campus has never experienced what it went through on Wednesday,” is too stupid to understand riot control.

Do you want to know who she’s claiming is too stupid to understand riot control? Any experienced police officer. I’m not an experienced police officer, but I was trained in riot control as part of becoming a member of various Auxiliary Security Forces (ASF) in the US and bases abroad. This dumb broad is almost as accidentally as honest as that dumb broad who’s the mayor of Baltimore who let the mask slip when she said she told the police to give the rioters “space to destroy.” The whole logic behind the Navy even having an ASF is that when a crowd control situation is threatening to get out of hand or is turning violent you can muster several hundred trained personnel to augment the Security Police. The key to riot control is overwhelming force. Any experienced police officer knows this. Which is why when the peaceful attendees at the cancelled Milo Yiannopolous event last February approached police officers for help, the officers were visibly disgusted and tersely told them they couldn’t and would have to ask “those who gave the stand down order.” When the dumb broad told her officers to stand down, she escalated the situation, predictably contradicting her stupid words that by standing down she was deescalating the violence. She, like the Baltimore mayor, was simply giving the rioters “space to destroy” and every police officer at the scene knew it. As the attorney for the Federated University Police Officers Association put it, “When these rioters saw that there was no action taken against them, it emboldened them into acting more aggressively.” Duh!

Actually the dumb broad and bastards who run the UCBPD and the city and police department of Berkeley knew it would happen; it was the desired result.

Pro tip: fire hoses work really well in crowd/riot control situations. Fire hoses will definitely keep rioters on the pier away from the ship.

But I digress. At least one of those thugs in black masks at that February riot has been identified as a university employee. He was bragging about his assault activity under the twitter handle Eugene V. Dabs and the anonymous user name @teen_archer. He even took a pic of one of his victims that he pushed over a bicycle and assaulted while the guy was on the ground. It turns out his real facebook page under his full name is linked to his anonymous user name teen_archer as well. His facebook page gives his location as Berkeley and much more personal information that leads to his occupation. He’s a data analyst for UCB. I won’t give his exact job title or full name, but the deliberate misspelling of Eugene V. Debs’ last name is a play on his own middle name, Dabney.

When the sleuths asked the university was aware of his affiliation with antifa, his violent criminal activities, and his current location all the university claimed to know was that at the time he was visiting New York. While in New York the guy gave an interview to the New York Daily News under his real name placing him at the scene of the riot.

As far as I know this idiot remains “under investigation.” But at least, according to the university’s press statement both the campus police and FBI are investigating this guy. In fact, the FBI had as of February opened a major investigation into the anti-Milo riot, including both an investigation into the identities of the antifa rioters and the mayor of Berkeley for ordering his police to stand down and allow the violence to escalate. At this point I should note that the University has confirmed the true identity of Eugen V. Dabs, confirming that they are aware of the allegations against that individual. What the university refuses to confirm is whether or not he’s an employee. It is true that the online sleuths (in the course of only 15 minutes of effort so incompetent was this data analyst/antifa thug at concealing his actual identity!) were able to access unsecured UCB pay records via the employee directory but only up to 2013. But it’s odd the university would know that the guy took off out of town to New York for a visit when he lives in Berkeley if he was not, at least a the time of the rioting, a current employee.

So clearly the FBI needs to widen the investigation to include the university administration and all staff members including professors.

The bottom line: UCB is just as much fully responsible for forcing The Berkeley Patriot to cancel its Free Speech Week as it was fully responsible for allowing antifa to riot freely on its campus. And I believe this chancellor was working hand in glove with the communist mayor of Berkeley to make sure if The Berkeley Patriot didn’t back down to make sure that the antifa rioting was so overwhelmingly violent no one would ever think of holding any other such event.

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