Airbag Motorcycle Suits Now Mandatory In 2018 MotoGP


The 20-year-old Spaniard has confirmed that post-race examination found ligament damage, but no surgery is required. A post on Marquez’s Repsol team blog states:

“Today, I visited Doctor Mir because it was important to make sure that I didn’t have a more serious injury than we thought and fortunately, we have good news. Although there is some swelling in the area, it seems that I just need to focus on recuperating in order to get to Misano in the best possible form.”


Marquez was deducted two championship points for the warm-up incident, where it was deemed the Honda ace did not abide caution flags for the crash of Cal Crutchlow moments earlier. In turn Crutchlow and race marshals had to flee Marquez’s bike which crashed in the same location.

The warm-up incident could have been much worse for Marquez, who maintains a 30-point lead ahead of his Repsol Honda teammate, Dani Pedrosa, and 39-point advantage over defending MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo. Not missing the race, and escaping surgery is a lucky stroke for the rookie.

The 2013 MotoGP season may go down as the year of Marc Marquez, but could also get billed as year of the broken collarbone. Lorenzo has broken his collarbone not once but twice, and fellow alien Pedrosa snapped his clavicle as well. For both riders the injuries were serious blows to their 2013 title aspirations. Marquez has had his fair share of spills and injury, including one DNF at Mugello.

All three of the Spanish riders source Alpinestars Tech Air leathers, which deploy airbags to minimize trauma in a crash. Alpinestars has since released its data from the Marquez Silverstone crash, which records full deployment of the system a fraction of a second before initial impact. The text and graphic below is posted courtesy of Alpinestars:

“The trace graph shows the energy pattern of the data streamed by the upper body sensors in the Tech Air airbag suit. A change in the strength of the signals is noticeable at the first indication of a loss of control when the energy trace causes the Tech Air system to deploy the airbags 0.168 seconds before the initial impact to Marc’s left shoulder. Full inflation was recorded at 0.048 seconds after deployment ensuring the protection was in place 0.055 seconds before impact.

“The peak energy force in this accident was 22.55g and was largely concentrated on the left shoulder which can be seen by the continuous activity in the data trace. The airbag remained fully inflated throughout the duration of the crash ensuring that the maximum amount of energy was absorbed.”

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Source : http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2013/09/article/no-surgery-for-marquez-after-silverstone-crash/

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