All Prince George Wants For Christmas Is A Police Car


PRINCE GEORGE, Va. – Colonial Heights Police were searching a pond in Prince George County for some very small items on Thursday.

"Our goal is to ultimately recover firearms as well as return stolen property back to the rightful owners,” said Captain Dann Ferguson, Colonial Heights Police.


Virginia State Police Search and Recovery Dive Team spread out over the pond to slowly and methodically search the murky bottom.

"Still requires a lot of man power, you have to have the divers, you have to have your support team and you have to have your safety officers as well,” Ferguson said.

Colonial Heights Police said that over about a two-month period, vehicles in neighborhoods off Conduit Road were targeted in “crimes of opportunity.”

"They just check door handles and if it opens they go through the car and see what they can find,” Captain Ferguson said.

In all, about a dozen cars were found unlocked.

"We had three firearms stolen from the vehicles, wallets, purses, cellphones, just personal property as well,” he said.

While divers were searching for handguns they recovered a .22 caliber rifle.

It'll be sent to the state lab to try and see who the rightful owner is.

Colonial Heights Police said they arrested Shaheen Xavier Parham of Dinwiddie County who is facing three counts of felony grand larceny.

Parham also faces charges in Hopewell and Prince George County which include felony grand larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and possession of marijuana.

Police also expressed concerns about guns left in unlocked cars.

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Source : https://wtvr.com/2018/05/24/police-search-prince-george-pond-for-firearms-stolen-property/

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