All Girls For All Girls: Marian Is Leading The Way For Young Women


Tania Rashid:

As it turns out , the woman right there is Bangladeshi and she’s helping take this woman who is a Rohingya into Cox’s Bazar.


The soldiers question them and search their bags. They say that the Rohingya woman is being trafficked for sex work and that the Bangladeshi woman travelling with her is her trafficker. They recruit Rohingya girls and women from the camps and traffic them into Bangladeshi towns and cities. After detaining the group for a few hours, soldiers decide to send the two women back to the camps and keep the man for further questioning.

Back in Kutupalong, the biggest camp, the sex trade is thriving and the influx of tens of thousands of vulnerable women is fuelling the business. Most Rohingya refugees come from insular, conservative Muslim families, and sex work is taboo.

Camp brothels are hard to spot. They look like ordinary shelters made of bamboo and plastic sheets.

This woman whose name and face we conceal to protect her identity started sex work out of desperation to feed her two children after her abusive husband left her for another woman.

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Source : https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/pimps-and-traffickers-prey-on-vulnerable-rohingya-girls

Pimps and traffickers prey on vulnerable Rohingya girls
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