An Extremely Detailed Guide To What The Heck Might Happen At A GOP Contested Convention


The rule that has probably gotten the most attention is Rule 40, which requires a candidate to have the support of the majority of at least eight state delegations in order to have his or her name placed into nomination. That rule was written in 2012 to deny Ron Paul supporters the chance to stage a protest in prime time; previously the nomination threshold only required that a candidate have the backing of a plurality of five state delegations, a significantly easier task. The eight-state rule, though, will almost certainly be rewritten at a contested convention. Otherwise, it is possible that Trump—and Trump alone—would be the only name on the first ballot, in effect handing him the nomination. The rules committee will want to tweak that rule to include however many of Trump’s rivals would create the greatest chance at a deadlock in the first round or two. It could lower the threshold considerably—say, by requiring that a candidate only needs to have the backing of a plurality of a single state or territory, which would allow Cruz and Rubio to both qualify, as well as Kasich if he wins his home state of Ohio—or they could replace it with some other qualifying standard that was reverse-engineered to ensure their chosen candidates could meet it, while others could not. (Alternatively, they could scrap it all together.)

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Source : http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/03/10/a_contested_republican_convention_explained.html

An Extremely Detailed Guide to What the Heck Might Happen at a GOP Contested Convention
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