Angela Kinsey On Her YouTube Inspired Netflix Series 'Haters Back Off'

Deluded tone-deaf wannabe Miranda Sings may have been hilarious in short bursts on YouTube (her take on Sia’s Chandelier has to be heard to be believed) but initially there were doubts as to whether she could extend the joke to a fully-scripted eight-part Netflix series.

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However, by expanding Miranda’s crazed world to include a hypochondriac mum, pushy uncle and ‘normal’ neglected sister, Haters Back Off proved to be an inspired, and occasionally strangely touching, transfer.

Here’s a look at everything we know about its second season so far.

When can I watch it?

All eight episodes will premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 20.

What’s the story?

We last saw Miranda in a place of both hope and despair.

The former because she’d finally gone viral with her unintentionally hilarious ‘Free Voice Lesson’ video, and the latter because she had no-one to share the experience with due to her pretty deplorable behaviour.

Having ruined her sister Emily’s art college application, sacked her overly-supportive uncle Jim, neglected her seriously ill mother and binned off lovestruck neighbour Patrick, can the lipstick-smeared, self-absorbed, new-found YouTube sensation turn things around?

The recently-released trailer suggests so.

Uncle Jim has now constructed a brand-new ‘five-phase plan’ to turn her into a Broadway star, while Patrick is still hanging on her every word. But Miranda appears to have another problem in the shape of a much younger YouTube star who is stealing her act.

Who’s returning?

As well as the star of the show, Colleen Ballinger (who in real life is actually a highly talented classically-trained vocalist with several Broadway credits to her name), Haters Back Off will welcome back all its regular characters for season two.

This includes Angela Kinsey as mother Bethany, Steve Little as Uncle Jim, Erik Stocklin as admirer Patrick and Francesca Reale as sister Emily.

>>>Haters Back Off season 2: When is it on and why should I watch it?
(Picture: Netflix)

Who are the new faces?

The only confirmed addition for season two so far is Matt Besser (The Hotwives) as Miranda and Emily’s father.

Why should I watch it?

Even if you’re not particularly a fan of Miranda Sings’ nasal destruction of pop hits and unashamed narcissism, there’s still plenty to enjoy about Haters Back Off.

Little is wonderfully absurd as the uncle almost as deluded as Miranda herself, while Reale elicits genuine sympathy as the only ‘normal’ character regularly bulldozed by her sister’s ambition.

And by combining the strange small-town suburbia of Napoleon Dynamite and cartoonish antics of Pee-wee Herman, the show remains one of Netflix’s most wonderfully weird originals.

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