Aussie Chocs Are Getting Smaller


Australian customer loyalty start-up PokitPal has scored a major deal with payments giant Mastercard, which it said would catapult the business internationally and help it grow its Australian user base more than 200 per cent this year.

PokitPal started out as a paper-based booklet of deals for university students, but three years ago it developed a mobile app and 18 months ago took the step to integrate payments technology to allow it to link directly to customers' bank cards.


The deal with Mastercard, which took 16 months for the start-up to get across the line, will immediately let Mastercard's 10 million Australian users access PokitPal's range of customer loyalty deals at 4500 restaurants, shops and venues across the country while using their card.

The partnership is initially open to Australian users only, but the three-year deal is a global one and in 2019 PokitPal will begin expanding offshore, most likely targeting Britain as its first international market.

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Source : http://www.afr.com/technology/aussie-loyalty-startup-pokitpal-looks-global-after-mastercard-deal-20180315-h0xils

Aussie loyalty start-up PokitPal looks global after Mastercard deal
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