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" The pioneers of a warless world will be the youth who refuse military service ".

---------- Albert Einstein


I agree with the points made by TN . Military impressment was the method by which the British Empire was able to wreak havoc around the globe in it's insatiable thirst to plunder and kill . Crimes were invented to find those on the lower end of the socio-economic scale guilty of some offense or other where military service was offered as an alternative to imprisonment . The Scottish and Irish populations were especially decimated by this agenda that was designed to reduce their numbers to begin with , as the ruling class and their governments view those below them as expendable commodities . This is why military personel are often used as guinea pigs for new vaccines and psychological experimentation , in addition to cannon fodder for the banks and corporations . The gentleman above who referenced his exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam knows this all to well , as Dow Chemical and the government knew darned well how toxic that poison was and chose to expose American troops and Vietnamese civilians to it anyway . America's insatiable thirst for blood has followed this same British dynamic with Blacks , Hispanics , Natives and those on the low end of the socio-economic scale . The treatment and lack of opportunities that many of these poor souls receive upon their return is a national shame . This is especially sad when one understands that many of these well intentioned people put their lives on the line for the exact same system that threw them overboard long ago . Quite ironic .

I am reminded of the line from HMS Pinafore where a young British Officer in the Royal Naayvee proclaims that prior to his wealthy family buying him an officer's commission , the only ship that he was ever on was a partnership . Furthermore , in ancient and medieval times the kings and leaders has the huevos to lead the battles themselves . In addition , they usually waited until the harvest was in so that the peasants could then be snatched from the fields to fight in the army , thereby making their stint of military impressment a short one or even a seasonal one . The same can be said for the Native American Chiefs and Arab Sheiks who earned and deserved their respected positions as commanders-in-chiefs simply because they lead their fighters into battle . In modern times we have the likes of George Bush , Barak Obama and a whole host of psychopathic parasites in government sending young people to their possible deaths rather than leading the charge themselves . It was a former Congressman from Pennsylvania by the name of John Murtha who summed it up nicely back when Bush and company started the Iraq war .

And TN , slavery is alive and well in America . Furthermore , any attempts to reinstate the draft will be ten giant steps backwards and only serve to fuel the beast . The so-called elite will never think twice before instigating wars , as these wars are planned years in advance of the false-flags events that trigger the public reactions necessary to start the madness . The slaves will always be brought to do the bidding of their masters and take the bullets and shrapnel for them in the process .

For anyone to be homeless in America , be they veterans or not , is a national disgrace that reflects poorly upon how the " leaders " of the nation view the subjects / citizens . Same goes for hunger and health care . Sadly , America continues to fail in living up to it's secret / divine destiny .

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Source : http://www.wmicentral.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/our-homeless-veterans-need-help/article_c042f8fa-9da9-11e3-943d-001a4bcf887a.html

Our homeless veterans need help