Baltic Watches HMS And Bicompax 001 Review

Aesthetically, both models are winners. They manage to execute a vintage feeling without seeming contrived or too old fashioned. They absolutely fit in with modern, classic clothes, and thanks to the clever and subtle color combinations, they add something of their own. The blue and gilt models, in particular, exude a sense of style that feels unique, giving the watch a personality that separates it from other neo-vintage watches. Additionally, the graphic cues, like the strange typeface and inverted indexes, add to their understated charm.


In the end, what you have with the Baltic HMS 001 and Bicompax 001 are two watches that truly embody the current watch zeitgeist, with neo-vintage designs that are creative while still paying respect to classic watch designs. From the stepped cases to the restrained dials to the movements inside, the watches from Baltic hit the right classic notes while giving everything their own spin. They don’t feel generic or look like a random vintage eBay finds, rather they have a personality all their own. And because of Baltic’s independent status, the company was able to take risks where needed, which is particularly notable in their use of the ST19, ultimately making a product that people really want.

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Baltic is a brand that I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of in the next few years. In the lead up to their launch, they built a decently sized social media following and actually took in-person meetings at their showroom outside of Paris, which generated a solid buzz about the brand. That’s how we first heard of them, in fact. This lead directly to an immediately successful Kickstarter project, having launched just yesterday (April 12th, 2017) and blowing past their goal, hitting six-figures within hours of going live.

It’s kind of fascinating, as we’ve seen many vanilla fashion watches get huge sums of money on Kickstarter thanks to their easy-to-digest designs and exceedingly low prices, while we’ve also seen some relatively cool mechanical tool watches fail at reaching their goals. The Baltic watches are far more esoteric, referring to classic watch design and featuring mechanical movements, including the divisive Seagull ST19, yet their campaign will be/is a huge success. I think it goes to show two important things: first, that the community of watch enthusiasts out there—looking at Instagram, reading blogs, etc.—is a powerful group that is looking for the next great thing. And second, that good, tasteful design prevails. For the watch layman who is browsing Kickstarter and pledges, it’s likely that the aesthetics will be what pull them in.


As for pricing, the HMS 001 retail will be 399 Euros, while the Bicompax 001 will be 649 Euros. Both are, in my opinion, very fair prices if a bit higher than the average for watches with these movements. That said, the fit, finish, design and execution of Baltic watches are very high, with the chronograph, in particular, exceeding expectations. Of course, through Kickstarter, they can be had at substantial discounts, with the HMS coming in at 239-299 Euros and the Bicompax at 399-479 Euros. So, if you’ve been looking for a vintage-style watch to add to your collection, a new hand-wind chronograph or just something simple and stylish, be sure to check them out.

For more Baltic, check out their website: Baltic Watches

To pick one up on Kickstarter, check out their Campaign


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Baltic Watches HMS and Bicompax 001 Review
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