Blocks Core Hands On Review

It may look like just another touchscreen smartwatch, but the Blocks Core is very different from other wearables out there. Not only does the Blocks Core run full Android 8.0 Oreo like your smartphone, it’s modular, meaning its functionality can be expanded using plug-in sections that make up the strap. Blocks has been years in the making, and the watch you see here is the result of $4 million in investment. In our Blocks Core hands-on review, we strap it on our wrist to see if the wait — and the money — was worth it.

The Blocks Core is very different from other wearables out there.

The Blocks Core, the name given to the smartwatch section, can be worn with any 22mm strap and acts like a standard smartwatch. You get notifications, along with all the other usual features, and can track your steps and control music playback from your phone. However, this isn’t the reason why you’d buy Blocks, or what makes it cool. Tiny clip-in modules add new features to the watch, turning it from a basic device into one that’s far more complex.

Wearables have become considerably better-looking over the past year, and although it cannot quite match the delicious style of the Diesel On Full Guard or the Movado, it does have a certain minimalist appeal. It comes in either black or gray, and is entirely without visual flourishes. The side button is oblong, and the body a combination of metal and plastic. The modules look like oversize metal band links, and clip into the body and each other, daisy-chaining together to add features to the watch.

Clipping modules in takes little more than a solid push before they’re very secure once in place. They have a degree of movement to adapt to wrist sizes, and feel substantial enough that they won’t break easily. However, we wouldn’t want to get it caught on something that would give it a strong tug. It may not break, but you’d run the risk of it coming apart and the watch falling to the ground.