CJR Returns To Kickstarter To Raise Funds For Its Third Watch Collection

Microbrand CJR has unveiled its third collection. Following the success of its two initial Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns, the company has launched its Commander Series that takes inspiration from aviation industry.

The collection, which uses Citizen Miyota movements, makes a virtue of its design cues linked to air travel including a wheel representing the spinning turbine on a jet engine, and a 24-hour indicator.

Other features include hexagonal grillwork on the top and bottom of the watch face, super-luminous on the hour markers and hands, and, an open-dial exposes the movement.

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“In a time where minimalistic watches is the trend, CJR aims to go the opposite direction. The Commander Series watch is designed for those trendsetters and watch collectors who love complex designed timepieces with unconventional layout,” says CJR founder Calvin Ng.

“The Commander Series, continues our signature aviation inspired watch, its dome shaped design is a show of heritage from our Airspeed model. However, whereas Airspeed is more a casual timepiece for everyone, the Commander was created to showcase the extension of our our design with bold looks with intricate layout.”

The latest collection is being offered in the form of rewards for investors at Kickstarter, with the first watches expected to be shipped in January 2018.


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Source : http://www.watchpro.com/cjr-returns-kickstarter-raise-funds-third-watch-collection/

CJR returns to Kickstarter to raise funds for its third watch collection
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