Cal Crutchlow: Britain's MotoGP Hero Describes The Physical Demands Of Life At The Limit


Cal Crutchlow sits at the top of MotoGP. The last time a Briton held a similar position in motorcycle racing’s blue riband series, a drilled hole through a crash helmet to enable a last-minute cigarette on the grid was not regarded as an outrageous gesture.

As with almost every aspect of life since 1979 there is little to resemble a sport that once was. LCR Honda & HRC rider Crutchlow may be one of the most outspoken and determined motorcycles racers since the heyday of Barry Sheene (the 1976 and 1977 World Champion was admired for his steely approach as much for the many other aspects that contributed to his fame, including consuming cigarettes on the grid) but the acute difficulties of Grand Prix racing has bred a pack of elite-level athletes.


The 32-year-old Isle of Man resident reached the peak of an eight-year MotoGP career with his third victory at round two of the 2018 series in Argentina; the scene of another riveting and controversial episode in a motorsport that is unparalleled for thrills and frequent ‘script-tearing’.

This week the circus heads to the bevy of kinks and undulations that is the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas and a layout that provides a prime example of the conditioning needed to steer a 160kg, 220mph explosion-on-wheels. 3.4 miles and 20 corners equates to two minutes of hard work for 20 laps; 67 miles and 45 minutes of racing.

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Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/features/cal-crutchlow-britains-motogp-hero-describes-physical-demands/

Cal Crutchlow: Britain's MotoGP hero describes the physical demands of life at the limit