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Admit it, you don’t often think of accessories whenever in the market for a new smartphone or tablet. But if you’re wise, you remember to save a couple hundred bucks for a decent power bank, nice external speaker and especially a

Bluetooth headset.


Update (07/18/2016):

adding the Jaybird X2 to this list.  It has great sounds, sweat-proof, and lightweight, which makes it the perfect headset for exercising.  Although it is definitely a pricey option for this premium headset.

Update (02/08/16): and check out our related post for the best bluetooth headsets in 2016.

Update (12/28/15): Table below shows our top rated bluetooth headsets as of today.

Update (9/22/15)

: Be sure to check out our related post for the best bluetooth earbuds in 2015.


Best Bluetooth Headset

ImgAmazon.com Link Brand ProductAmazon.com Link Price on Amazon.com
> JayBird Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 92.86
> Plantronics Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset 67.89
> iDeaUSA iDeaUSA? Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 On Ear Headphones 159
> Plantronics Plantronics M165 Marque 2 Ultralight Wireless Bluetooth Headset 36.34
> Plantronics Plantronics M55 Wireless and Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset 149
> Abco Tech Abco Tech Preeminent Bluetooth headset check price
> Motorola Motorola HK250 Universal Bluetooth Headset 69.99
> Matone Matone? Sweatproof V4.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones Earbuds check price


You don’t want to be pulled over and get a ticket just because you “forgot” to tell the wife you’re going fishing with the guys. Besides, talking on the phone while driving with only one hand on the wheel can be extremely dangerous.

Then there are those times when your multitasking abilities are pushed to the limit, and you simply cannot afford to occupy one hand with a device that can niftily sit in your trouser pocket. Finally, while you’re at it, why not grab a

stereo headset capable of doubling as a crisp music listening contraption? That way, you’ll

save on expensive headphones and kill two birds with one stone.

Bluetooth headset>

Bottom line,

everybody needs a Bluetooth headset, be it mono, stereo, ultra-cheap and simplistic or slightly pricier and adept at more than one task. And here we have

the best options available on Amazon today, ordered from the costliest to the most affordable:

>Motorola Moto Hint – $104

We could go on and on about this little guy’s controversial quality-price ratio, but at the end of the day, the equation is simple. If you own a Moto X phone, the Hint is a must-buy. If not, don’t bother. When paired with any other Bluetooth-enabled handheld, it’s “beautifully out of sight”, aka

really tiny, but sketchy as far as call quality is concerned.

Moto Hint>

When used with an X, it’s a lot more than a wireless earbud, delivering

notifications directly to your ear, and sending text messages via voice.

>Plantronics Voyager Legend – $69.99

The name is fitting, as this

long-lasting, ergonomic, retro-looking,

water-resistant appliance achieved legendary status and racked up a cool four-star review average from 3,000+ Amazon customers.

Plantronics Voyager Legend>

Granted, it’s nowhere near as subtle as the Moto Hint, but triple mic tech can separate the user’s voice from 80 dBs of background noise, ensuring the cleanest conversations you’ve ever heard.

>Jawbone Era – $69 and up

The masters of low-cost activity trackers ironically charge more for their “smallest, lightest headset” yet. But Era’s design is a winner, its range above-average (33 feet), and battery life respectable (up to 4 hours of talk time).

Jawbone Era>

Obviously, it’s not meant for stereo music playing functions, however what it does it does exquisitely, eliminating background noise courtesy of

NoiseAssassin 4.0 technology.

>Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 – $59.99

Plantronics again? You betcha, and this time, they have a relatively inexpensive pair of wireless

Hi-Fi earbud headphones for you, which you can hook up to literally any Android through thin air. The Go 2 is comfortable, compact, fairly stylish and, above all, a >waterproof bluetooth headphone


Plantronics BackBeat Go 2>

It goes without saying you won’t get Beats Studio-matching audio excellence at 60 bucks, yet Go 2’s versatility makes it an uber-smart purchase.

>Jawbone Icon HD+ The Nerd – $59.97

No, the name isn’t particularly inspired, but the part Bluetooth headset, part

USB audio adapter stands out with killer

noise reduction abilities,

HD sound, solid battery life you can easily keep tabs on via your phone, plus seven different earbuds guaranteeing perfect placement in your ear.

Jawbone Icon HD+ The Nerd>

>BlueAnt Q2 – $50.89

It’s perhaps not as resourceful and convenient as the Moto Hint, but the Q2 also relies on

voice control for a slew of basic operations. Just wirelessly connect it to your phone, slip it in your ear and, whenever a voice call comes through, you can say the magic words “answer” or “ignore”, and the headset will oblige.

BlueAnt Q2>

Of course, if you don’t know who’s ringing, voice commands are useless, so that’s where the integrated

Text to Speech engine comes in. If the number reaching you is stored in your phonebook, the Q2 shall announce the name before letting you decide if you’re too “busy”. Quite nifty, don’t you think?

>LG Tone Pro – $44.89 and up

LG Tone Pro>

Here’s another stereo headset that aims to help you not just by diverting calls away from your phone. It’s good for casual audiophiles too, and it can go on for up to

15 hours in continuous use while looking swanky and sophisticated. It’s (almost) the best of both worlds.

>Motorola H720 – $39.99

Motorola H720>

The H720 may strike you as old-fashioned at a first glance (and not in a good way), and it’s certainly not a Moto Hint rival. Still, it provides up to

eight hours of uninterrupted conversation, as per the manufacturer’s claims, it boasts

noise reduction and echo cancellation, and works with Samsungs, LGs, HTCs and even iPhones, not only Motorolas.

>Jabra Clipper – starting at $32.65

Jabra Clipper>

Probably the cheapest half-decent Bluetooth stereo headset these days used to cost $150, and that tells you everything you need to know about Clipper’s premium features. This bad boy can automatically switch between calls and music mode, it’s

rain and shock-resistant, it alerts you of incoming caller and mobile distance, and even facilitates

remote music control.

The accompanying earbuds are, according to a fair share of customer reviews, “dreadful”, but on the bright side, they’re very easy to replace.

>Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset – $29.99

Plantronics M50>

This is basically the poor man’s Voyager Legend, looking far less glamorous, renouncing water protection and easing up on the advanced noise cancelling technologies. Then again, the low price,

11-hour battery and 33 feet range have helped it cross the 6,000 customer review mark on Amazon and still keep a near-spotless four-star track record.

>Mpow Swift – $29.99 and up

Wait a minute, it seems you can actually find an even cheaper pair of stereo headphones than the Jabra Clipper. Alas, the Swift isn’t extremely “complex”, plus it’s a little awkward from an aesthetical standpoint.

Mpow Swift>


ergonomic, comfortable and “stable” nonetheless, delivers an appropriate signal… for its price range, and lasts up to five hours of talk/playing time. Overall, it’s not the best, it’s not the worst product in the world.

>Kinivo BTH240 – $24.99

Oh, come on, a 25 bucks set of

large, sleek, foldable stereo headphones?!? What’s the catch? Incredibly enough, we can’t find one, other than the BTH240 isn’t waterproof, which isn’t surprising looking at the design.

Kinivo BTH240>

Call and sound quality is reported as average at worst, the battery runs for a whopping

10 hours even in music playing, and you also get a built-in

noise canceling microphone. No wonder 3,350 buyers gave Kinivo’s stellar item a weighted 4.2 star evaluation.

>No-name black wireless Bluetooth 4.0 universal headset – $7.94

Forget big industry names like Motorola, LG, Jawbone or Plantronics.

Amazon’s number one best seller in Bluetooth cell phone headsets is a product assembled by an obscure Chinese company probably headquartered in Shenzhen.

No-name Bluetooth headset>

Worried for the possible shoddy quality of this thing? Then why not buy a couple? Half a dozen. A full dozen. At 8 bucks a pop, you can afford to replace them every other month. Funnily enough, you’re even promised “noise reduction”, “echo cancellation” and the design ain’t as bad as you’d expect.

The final choice is entirely yours. 

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Best Bluetooth cell phone headsets available today (Updated for 2016)
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