Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger: I Joined Club Because Of Antonio Conte


Love Manchester, love Manchester City, but can't stand The Fall. The Smiths were far superior. Hoofchester1city6, Manchester.

I liked The Smiths, too, the singles in particular. From Hand In Glove to Sheila Take A Bow, give or take. We're going to have to disagree about the merits of The Fall, though. You either get them or you don't. Among all the tributes to the late Mark E Smith my favourite anecdote concerned his response to a request from Bono of U2, suggesting a collaboration. 'Dear Bongo,' Smith replied. 'No.'


So we'll have a debate this week, on Antonio Conte and Chelsea and what the future holds. Might help if you're familiar with this, the column that started it. But as ever, we'll begin with a tune. Now who might this be? Here's clue. It's not The Smiths. Actually, if you read between the lines, it's really a football song.

Martin Samuel is obsessed with Chelsea. Nikdegeer884, London.

Well, let's nail this one right away. There are subjects I feel strongly about – financial fair play is one – but my writing on individual clubs is guided, largely, by the news agenda. If Chelsea are in the news, or if there is an issue at the club that has piqued my interest, I will write about them. I am about to do so now; I may well return to the subject in the newspaper column that is published on Friday. This isn't, however, an obsession. You will be amazed how little I write about a club when nothing of great significance is happening there. Take Liverpool. The manager seems happy, the club is happy with him, the team are in the Champions League and among the Champions League places. So unless there is a news event – like the purchase of Virgil van Dijk, the sale of Philippe Coutinho or, say, the Firmino-Holgate incident – I write very few columns about them. Chelsea, however, are having another one of those seasons. The manager and the board seem at loggerheads, and their form has collapsed since Christmas, jeopardising next season's Champions League place. Key players, or their family members, keep making overtures towards Madrid and it seems certain there will be a new manager there next season. So, obviously, these are talking points for a column. Also, as a Chelsea fan, I imagine you consume a lot of what is written about your club giving the false impression that everyone is 'obsessed' with them. We're not. It's like my late mother in law's view of public health. If you were ill, she'd tell you that there was a lot of it about, and everyone had got it. Of course she thought that: she was a doctor's receptionist.

The Daily Mail is utterly biased towards Manchester United. They love mischief making and getting the knife in at Chelsea to get the manager out, or at Tottenham to get their players off to Spain. Take what they print with a pinch of salt. Kolakolol007, Lincoln.

Sorry, were you talking? I dozed off.

Why are you trying to get a manager sacked? Maybe it's time for you to go. Absolute disgusting headline. I'm not even bothering to read what you have to say. Eba, Singapore.

This is pity, because if you had you would have seen that there is no criticism of Conte in the piece at all. It was merely a commentary on a relationship that had broken down and may need to end for the good of both parties, sooner rather than later. Like a bad marriage. But, hey, enjoy your personal echo chamber. I'm sure it's chock-full of wisdom in there.

Anyone can see that Antonio Conte is on his way out of Chelsea, and it's a question of when 

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Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5366895/Whos-trying-Antonio-Conte-sacked-Chelsea.html

Who's trying to get Antonio Conte sacked by Chelsea? Not me. It’s hard to survive under manager-eating Roman Abramovich with players who down tools when things get tough
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