Combat By Trial


On Wednesday morning, a contractor dressed in a work helmet, vest and gloves drilled small holes in rows of University of Colorado ash trees.

Then, he injected the trees with measured spurts of insecticides designed to combat emerald ash borers, the invasive, green beetles whose steady western march across the country has wreaked havoc on the trees.


CU began administering treatments to 170 on-campus ash trees Wednesday. Of those, 128 will be treated with the insecticide most widely used against emerald ash borers: emamectin benzoate. The other 42 trees are part of a product trial to compare emamectin benzoate's effectiveness with another insecticide, azadirachtin. The product trial includes 56 trees in total; three groups of 14 trees will each receive different treatments and one group of 14 trees will remain untreated as a control group.

The trial is a collaboration among CU, Colorado State University, the city of Boulder forestry division, ArborSystems and Arborjet, and it will hopefully provide a more conclusive blueprint of what cities can do to respond to the emerald ash borers. They've not yet been detected at CSU or in Fort Collins. In fact, right now, the only county in Colorado where the beetles' presence has been detected is Boulder, according to the USDA.

"As the ash borer was discovered in Boulder, (CSU) was very interested in the opportunity to have an idea of how treatments would work in Colorado, which is going to be much different than in the Midwest and in the east where this insect had been," said Vince Aquino, a CU arboriculture manager.


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Source : http://www.dailycamera.com/cu-news/ci_31958644/cu-boulder-product-trial-combat-emerald-ash-borer

CU Boulder injecting trees in product trial to combat emerald ash borers
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