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HARRY SMITH, co-host:

I caught up with Senator Obama yesterday in Richmond, Virginia, and asked him about leaving the campaign trail at such a crucial time to visit his



Lincoln said, "All I ever hope to be I owe to her," in speaking about his


Senator BARACK OBAMA: Yeah.

SMITH: Your grandmother was very much like a mother...

Sen. OBAMA: Absolutely.

SMITH: ...to you. How important is this trip?

Sen. OBAMA: It's very important to me. You know, my mother was a single

mom, so she raised me with the help of my grandparents.

And so my

grandmother, my grandfather and my mom, they're really the people who took

care of me all throughout my childhood. My grandmother's the last one left.

She has really been the rock of the family, the foundation of the family.

Whatever strength, discipline that I have, it comes from her.

SMITH: You've said in the past that you regretted your own mother's illness, and her death came so quickly you didn't have time to get back to see her.

Sen. OBAMA: Got there too late. We knew that she wasn't doing well but, you know, the diagnosis was such where we thought we had a little more time and we didn't. And so I want to make sure that I don't--I don't make the same mistake twice.

SMITH: Some people say there's risk involved in this, with so little time


Sen. OBAMA: Yeah. Well, the--you know, I think most people understand that

if you're not caring for your family, then you're probably not the kind of

person who's going to be caring for other people.

SMITH: I want to talk about some campaign issues, not the least of which is your running mate, Joe Biden, talked about, `Well, Barack Obama's going to be tested within the first six months.' John McCain jumped on that and said, `I don't need to be tested, I'm ready.' Are you more ready to be president of the United States than John McCain?

Sen. OBAMA: I tell--all I can say is this. We've had over the last couple

of months, I think, an interesting series of tests. And I think that I have been steadier. I think my advisers and my team and my organization, what we've built has performed with the kind of calm resolve and deliberation that the White House needs right now. Any president is going to be tested by the enormity of the challenges that we face.

SMITH: The rancorous tone of this campaign--I was with John McCain on Monday, and I said, `Our poll data shows that it's actually hurting you.' He says, `I wouldn't be doing it if he weren't doing it.'

Sen. OBAMA: Well, look, I mean, politics is tough. But I will say this.


don't think there's any equivalence between what we've been doing and what

John McCain's been doing. Witness some of the comments that have been made

just over the last several months, his--last several weeks. Socialistic, you know, pals around with terrorists. I mean, just the kinds of stuff that I can't imagine saying about an opponent of mine.

SMITH: Whoever gets elected president somehow has to put their arm around the whole country and say, `We're in this together.'

Sen. OBAMA: Yeah.

SMITH: Can you do that?

Sen. OBAMA: I can. And I think that's the tone that we've set from the

beginning of this campaign. I mean, look, is Sean Hannity suddenly going to get on the airwaves and say, `You know, I was wrong about this Obama guy. He's my man'? No, that's not going to happen. I mean, there's going to be a certain wing of the Republican Party that is, you know, dug in and resistant to the notion that we need to change direction.

SMITH: You close your eyes for a moment and you think about election night.

Do you win?

Sen. OBAMA: Well, I wouldn't have gotten in this race if I didn't think I

was going to win. If it's tied going into Election Day, I like our chances

because I think we've got enormous enthusiasm on the ground.

SMITH: And just days to go.

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Obama: "Whatever strength, discipline that I have, it comes from her"-- UPDATE: Video from IN Rally
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