DJI's New Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer Is A Vlogger's Dream

Update: Apple so far is using the account only for a promoted/sponsored tweet campaign not visible from its main profile.

An @apple Twitter account has existed for more than five years, but until today has been completely dormant, with blank profile and header images. That’s now changed: there’s an Apple logo for the profile image, and the iPhone 7 event graphic as the header. So far, though, no tweets.

It’s looking likely that Apple plans to start tweeting in time for next week’s launch of the iPhone 7, with some speculating that the company may live-tweet the event …


Apple does, of course, have several other Twitter accounts. Back in 2011, Apple started using the @appstore account it created two years earlier, with a dedicated games account added last year. This was followed by an @iTunes account as it launched iTunes Radio. It also has @ibooks and @applemusic accounts.

Finally, in March of this year, it created an @applesupport account, which is used to share tips and tricks, as well as to address customer support questions.

The iPhone 7 launch takes place on 7th September, and it will be interesting to see whether the @apple Twitter account springs into life.

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