DJI Introduces New Osmo Accessories For IPhone

While HDR does the image look more "impactful", I would love to see some samples with HDR turned off, because in the iPhone 8 pictures, I preferred the ones with no HDR for most scenes - calmer on the eyes

Not trying to be picky - but setting the record straight - subtle colour tones, like subtle differences in variant green and blue hues are not exhibited like they would be with a high end lens and camera combination. This includes especially monotonous colour tone in shadow recovered detail. Granted, the greatest distinction of colour is provided with higher end lenses (e.g. Leica) and system cameras.

Google Pixel 2 background blur processing is so good, even an experienced artist may find it difficult to do better having 20 minutes to work on a single image.

However, the reproduction is still not like the dimensional look with gradual blur in most portrait lenses, providing a momentous "look" to the image.

So system cameras and lenses cannot become extinct with current tech.

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Google Pixel 2 sample gallery
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