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Judge throws out DJ's lawsuit against Taylor Swift

More court proceedings scheduled for Monday

Blair Miller > 5:48 PM, Aug 11, 2017 6:51 PM, Aug 11, 2017
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Taylor Swift’s mother was called to the stand Wednesday to testify in her daughter’s trial involving a former Denver radio DJ accused of groping her, and said the alleged incident has caused trust issues that have led to restrictions in the pop singer’s interactions with fans.

In a high-profile case regarding inappropriate touching, Taylor Swift testified Thursday against former Denver radio host David Mueller. The incident in question took place before a concert in 2013, when Swift took a picture with Mueller and his girlfriend. According to Swift, the former radio host grabbed her from behind underneath her skirt. The photo is one of the major pieces of evidence in the case.  Mueller was fired  two days after meeting Swift, and later sued the pop star, her mother and radio promotions manager for $3 million in wage compensation — his contract at the radio station was valued at $320,000. The former radio host claimed he was falsely accused of assault.  Robert Call, general manager of the radio station Mueller worked at, confirmed the DJ was fired for the incident. He said Mueller had broken a "morality clause" and "created an embarrassing situation for our company."  Swift countersued in response, claiming only $1 in damages. She accused the radio host of sexual assault and battery; Swift said she hopes to hold Mueller accountable and "serve as an example to other women" who have gone through similar struggles.  Experts say  only 30 percent of sexual assault cases  are reported to authorities, and the  percentage of false reports  are between just 2 and 10 percent. Swift reportedly declared that any money won on her end  would be donated  to charities fighting against sexual assault.  During questioning , Swift described the incident from her perspective and didn't back down from her accusations of inappropriate touching. She said on the stand: "It was a definite grab. ... It was long enough for me to be completely sure it was intentional."  Mueller's lawyer Gabriel McFarland also questioned Swift as to why her bodyguard at the time, Greg Dent, didn't intervene. Swift said the incident was unexpected, as well as unprecedented. She doesn't blame Dent for what happened. SEE MORE: Taylor Swift Donates $250K To Support Kesha After Dr. Luke Ruling Thursday's hearing was just day four of the trial, which could  last up to five more days . Six women and two men are  on the jury . Trending stories at Newsy.com Motion Picture Academy Elects A New 'Dark Horse' President Disney Is Cutting Ties With Netflix To Start Its Own Streaming Service Netflix Is Becoming A Superhero Powerhouse Thanks To A New Acquisition

A defiant Taylor Swift took the stand first thing Thursday on Day 4 of her trial involving accusations that a former Denver radio DJ groped her at a 2013 photo shoot.

A defiant Taylor Swift took the stand first thing Thursday on Day 4 of her trial involving accusations that a former Denver radio DJ groped her at a 2013 photo shoot.

DENVER – A judge in federal court in Denver on Friday dismissed all claims a former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift made against her, but one of the claims still stands against her mother and her manager. A counterclaim she filed against the former DJ, David Mueller, will also go to the jury.

Judge William J. Martinez ordered the jury in the trial back to court at the U.S. District Court of Colorado Monday at 9:30 a.m. for further instructions, and the closing statements will be made afterward.

Both Swift’s attorneys and Mueller’s attorneys will have a chance to give opening statements and a rebuttal during the closing statements, which are scheduled for 60 minutes, Martinez said.

Martinez dismissed all claims against Swift herself, citing a lack of evidence or witness testimony in the trial, which got underway with jury selection Monday.

Mueller had sued Swift, her mother, Swift’s business manager Frank Bell, and five other staffers after he was fired following an investigation by his radio station, KYGO, after Bell told Mueller’s superior that Mueller had groped Swift during a photo shoot before a June 2, 2013 concert in Denver.

Judge Martinez is allowing one of Mueller’s claims proceed to the jury—the tortious interference with prospective business relations claim—which has to do with Mueller’s allegation that Bell’s talking to KYGO about the incident in question and possible recommendation that KYGO fire Mueller.

Also going to the jury will be Swift’s counterclaim of assault and battery that she levied against Mueller after he filed his initial lawsuit. She said multiple times during the trial that Mueller had “grabbed [her] bare ass” during the photoshoot.

Any damages the jury might award to Mueller will be limited to his two-year employment contract.

When Martinez read his decision after a deliberation period of more than 2 hours, Swift’s lawyers smiled and shook hands. She eventually started to smile once she realized that she was no longer accused in the suit and that many of the claims against her mother and manager had been dismissed.

Then, she stood up and hugged her primary lawyer, Doug Baldridge, and the rest of her family.

We’ll be back in court Monday morning for the judge’s address to the jury and subsequent closing statements. Catch up on testimony from earlier on Friday by clicking here. Read our Day 5 live blog here. And to see what happened before Judge Martinez’s decision, click here.

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