Digital Noise Episode The 13th: Halloween Comes Early

For the Prince of Darkness- I would keep the creature in a companion cube (from the portal games) as it is kept in suspension of gravity protected by the Giant bolder form Indiana Jones movie(Raiders of the Lost Ark). Inside would be Mr. Pennyworth, cause nothing is more evil than him.

For Psycho 2,

The Birds 2, After the first incident with the the Birds and Militarily Group comes in to study the birds and try to weaponize them form America to use against its enemy. The Little Girl that survived the first one (played now by Megan Fox) tries to tell them that they will just cause another attack on humans to happen and that your can’t control nature. The General in charge of the research (played by Bruce Willis) ignores her and continues the study. A handsome scientist though wants to hear her reason why she know this will happen (Played by James Franco). The girl tells them that her pet bird that is still alive can communicate with her. Is the girl right, can american weaponize the birds. Who is that fat man in the background. Go see Birds 2.

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Digital Noise Episode the 13th: Halloween Comes Early
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