Directors Were Once The Kings Of Hollywood, But In The Age Of The Franchise, They're Increasingly Interchangeable


As the power of the franchise began outranking the power of the auteur, studio executives increasingly turned to relatively untested filmmakers, who often found themselves buffeted by forces more powerful than anything they've ever dealt with. In perhaps the most chilling cautionary tale for filmmakers navigating this new terrain, director Trank – a rising star after his 2012 debut "Chronicle" – saw his career go off the rails virtually overnight in 2015 when he fell out of a planned "Star Wars" spinoff film to which he'd been attached. Though Trank publicly said that the decision was his, reports quickly emerged claiming that Lucasfilm had pushed him off the film over concerns about his behavior during the making of his superhero flop "Fantastic Four."

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Source : http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-directors-fired-from-franchises-20170913-story.html

Directors were once the kings of Hollywood, but in the age of the franchise, they're increasingly interchangeable
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