Dragon Ball Xenoverse���s Mysterious Character Revealed, It���s You


Woah woah, no reason to get defensive about it it’s just an opinion bro.

People can make whatever they want (I’m assuming your talking about game developers so forgive me if I’m off there) but it’s almost always true that the more something someone makes strays, and worse goes against the canon, it’s less quality than the canon while the more it makes sense the better it is. It doesn’t have to be canon to be good it’s just making sense and not contradicting what’s there is better.


Toriyama can change his mind but that is called a retcon and more respectable authors do this as little as possible (unless we’re talking comics in which case it’s an infinitely expanded universe that hundreds and hundreds of people add to so canon is an odd term there but this is not true for anime) and he has not done so yet. By doing so I mean he has not made something true and then changed his mind and contradicted the same thing completely by retconning it. Everything like what you mentioned was merely him adding more. Yes he wanted to stop but for Cell he WANTED to make more, for Buu he was less for it but the fans wanted it so he wanted to do it. He quit when he truly didn’t want to do it anymore which is when the company made the sin that was GT, he was never forced to make more and considering that he’s come back for a movie and is going to do so for another AND he has so many details in his head that he just answers questions like about Frieza’s race, he obviously doesn’t want to end DBZ, it’s just that he’s old and manga writing isn’t easy at all let alone as easy as conducting a movie and answering questions. So not only does Toriyama changing his mind and being sporadic with canon have absolutely nothing to do what I said but he doesn’t even do that so it’s even more irrelevant as is your flawed logic of everything after Frieza being non canon. I think you need to understand the word canon before you start getting all defensive about a little opinion.

Toriyama is to say that King Cold didn’t make more. The original question asking about Frieza’s race also included asking about Cooler and Chilled and Toriyama ignored every context of those two, only mentioning King Cold and Frieza. It’s obvious the others do not exist to him which makes sense, they’re non canon, they didn’t happen. They are existing characters so they should be in the game but no new Frieza’s Race members need to be added. It’s so much effort just to go against the canon when they could just leave it out and not be contradictory and as such make a more immersive DBZ experience.

You missed the entire point of the mention of Cell. I’m saying Cell is a single unique entity that can only create mini versions of himself that are blue. An expansive race of differing appearances of a race Cell started is impossible because of what Cell is and what he can do. The point is a comparison because just as something like that is impossible and would be dumb to just create it otherwise is the same as a Frieza’s race when Toriyama himself stated that this is not the case and that there is no Frieza race.

Oh I know of DBH but once again, that came before Toriyama made the statement.

Example: Majin Race. Is it goofy and out there? Oh definitely, BUT it was explained in a game completely in a way that not only does not contradict the canon but makes sense to it.

Another is the Human/Saiyan future race from DBO that I’m hoping the Earthling race is in this game. Saiyan DNA spread so far that all/most humans have Saiyan DNA in them only being able to go SSJ1 by wishing on the Dragon Balls. This gives reason why they can’t go any level higher (at least in DBO) and gives reason as to why we can be a Saiyan but not have light skin and black hair.

This makes more sense than Ultimate Tenkaichi which just threw us into a full Saiyan that could only go SSJ1 at the end with no context as to why we could look different. It didn’t make sense and was a shallow plot point.

Difference? When you make more sense to the canon in a scenario that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re a part of the series it makes you feel like you fit more into the canon ergo making you feel more immersed in the series rather than feeling like you’re a part of some poorly written fanfic.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Mysterious Character Revealed, It’s You
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