EXCLUSIVE: 'The Gloves Are Off!' How Soccer's Most Wanted Man, Accused Of Looting American Sport For Millions, Will Use His 'corrupt' Wealth, His Own Newspaper And Personal ...


Jack Warner is wanted in the US over allegations he took millions of dollars in bribes when he was boss of body which oversees US soccer 

  • But he is using his own newspaper to say 'the gloves are off' and will launch battle to stay on Trinidad and Tobago 'until I die' 


  • He was boss of CONCACAF which governs US, Canadian and Caribbean soccer - prosecutors say he used it to take millions in bribes


  • Interpol issued Red Notice today naming the former Fifa vice-president as a wanted man who will be arrested if he leaves Trinidad 

  • Daily Mail Online finds he has vast wealth in country where he has also set up own political party and become an MP 

  • He owns 'Center for Excellence' paid for by soccer world governing body Fifa - and rents out its facilities as a hotel and for weddings

  • He has lavish home, rental apartment  block and office complex - as well as own newspaper - but says he takes salary of just $2 a year as MP

  • By Shekhar Bhatia In Port Of Spain, Trinidad, For Dailymail.com >

    Published: 09:17 EDT, 3 June 2015 | Updated: 13:54 EDT, 3 June 2015


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    Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3108536/Soccer-s-wanted-vows-gloves-fight-dodge-courts-corruption-charges-man-accused-taking-millions-newspaper-POLITICAL-PARTY-help-beat-charges.html

    EXCLUSIVE: 'The gloves are off!' How soccer's most wanted man, accused of looting American sport for millions, will use his 'corrupt' wealth, his own newspaper and personal ...