Election 2014: Recap Of Election Day Developments


Voting delays in Connecticut’s capital of Hartford led President Obama to call into a local NPR affiliate and ask voters to return to the polls later today as the state’s governor fights to extend polling hours.

Av Harris, a spokesman for Connecticut’s Secretary of State Denise Merill, told us that local voting officials failed to deliver voter lists to several polling places in Hartford on Tuesday morning, barring an untold number of voters from casting their ballots before heading off to work.


“Obviously for somebody who is planning to vote before they go to work, and they get there, and they are unable to do it, that’s frustrating,” the president said on WNPR. “But the main thing I just want to emphasize is we’ve got to make sure that those folks have the chance to vote. And I want to encourage everyone who is listening to not be deterred by what is an inconvenience.”

Harris called the problem “fairly wide spread,” but did not know exactly how many voters or polling places were effected. The issue was rectified by 7:45 a.m., Harris said, and some people were able to cast their vote after signing an affadavit.

Gov. Dannel Malloy has filed a legal challenge, according to Harris, asking a Superior Court judge to keep polls open in Hartford until 9 p.m. A hearing on the matter is underway now, according to reporters on the ground. The polls normally close at 8 p.m.

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Election 2014: Recap of Election Day developments
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