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There still have been several races where Kvyat has looked better than Sainz. And many have said Sainz is far better than Kvyat the whole season.

A comparison of the season with the team mates:

Australia, Kvyat was much better. The team ordered Sainz to let Kvyat through. He then pulled away from Sainz pretty quickly. He had issues on lap 50 and had to pit. even after this, he didn’t finish far behind Sainz.

China, we don’t really know how good he could have done as Kvyat soon had to retire. But after the 1st lap, Kvyat was 6th and Sainz was last. Sainz did take a risk that payed off by starting on slicks, but his start was a right mess. He went wide and spun, which was sort of understandable, but in a desperate rush to get going, he spun and hit the barrier and was incredibly lucky to get away with it. The rest of his race however was flawless. I think Kvyat did miss some good points though, just not as many as Sainz.

Bahrain, although Sainz was at first doing better he had a silly incident resulting in a couple of penalty points and a 3 place grid drop as well as a double retirement. Kvyats race was out of the points, but he did several impressive overtakes and had a good scrap with some other drivers further back.

Russia, Sainz managed to be a fair bit ahead in the middle of the race but Kvyat was closing in near the end. The end result, Sainz was 2 places behind but only about 5 seconds off. Sainz was better, but not by much.

In Spain, Sainz did much better in qualifying, but the fact that Kvyat managed to finish the race within 5 seconds of Sainz makes me wonder if Sainz’s race was nothing special, or Kvyat’s recovery was outstanding.

In Monaco, Sainz got the Maximum out of his car in qualifying and the race. He was about where that car was performance wise. It was very solid, but it is where I expected Toro Rosso to be. Kvyat looked very strong in practice and was 3rd or 4th one time i think, but failed to deliver at the right time in qualifying. His race pace didn’t look that far off Sainz, but he then got taken out by Perez.

In Canada, Both drivers made mistakes. Sainz much worse though. Kvyat’s was unlucky to have reliability problems yet again. He did ask if he could go back to his position. His did did say “copy copy”. He maybe should have known that he shouldn’t have done what he did, but the fact he got the same about of penalty points for this as Sainz got for taking himself, Massa and nearly Grosjean and possibly Alonso out seems unreasonable. I think it should have just been a penalty during the race if he was able to continue. But he had to retire again with issues.

In Baku, Kvyat had a poor start and went wide at the first corner. He’d looked better than Sainz so far this weekend. He didn’t really have any other choice but to come on track anywhere other than where he did and if it was unreasonable, it will ahve been investigated. Sainz just overreacted too much and ended up spinning. Kvyat then had to retire with issues out of his control again. I personally think he will have managed a better result than Kvyat this weekend.

In Austria, all I can say was Kvyats just misjudged his braking and took Alonso and Verstappen out. That wasn’t good at all. Sainz had to retire with reliability problems. I clearly can only say Sainz did better here.

In Britain, Kvyat has another poor race resulting in it taking out Sainz. His recovery was nothing special and he then had to retire with reliability problems again. Can’t really predict who would have done better here had this not happened but obviously Sainz was much more deserving of a good result.

In Hungary, qualifying is really important. Kvyat failed to get a good starting position and Sainz got a very reasonable one. This was pretty much the same story for the race. Sainz was a fair bit better here.

In Belgium, Sainz was quite a bet better, but Kvyat was closer than he had been in recent races. His pace overall wasn’t much worse and he was about 10 seconds behind Sainz in the end. He’d been stuck behind Stroll for quite some time near the end and that didn’t help as he was catching Sainz until he got close behind Stroll.

In Italy, Kvyat looked better than Sainz pretty much the whole weekend. He managed to both qualify ahead and keep ahead in the race, but I think Sainz was only about 2 seconds behind. Although it also was 2 places.

In Singapore, this track should suit the Toro Rosso pretty well. Kvyat certainly should have managed to get through to Q3 like Sainz did but he couldn’t manage it. In my opinion, Sainz’s Q3 run wasn’t very good. He was over 6 tenths of a second off the next best time in 9th which was set by a McLaren. But his race pace made up for it. He managed his best ever result. But a fair few retirement helped out. Still a great race by him though. Kvyat looked reasonably strong at the start, but his overtake failed badly and he didn’t make the turn.

In qualifying, the gap the stats on this site showed mid season proved that in qualifying, relating to the times these 2 drivers set, Kvyat was actually on average quicker by a tiny margin. Since then Sainz has beten him a couple of times but Kvyat was quite a bit quicker in Italy. They still are pretty close when it comes to difference in qualifying times.

I think that Kvyat would probably have around close to 20 points now if he’d been a bit less unlucky and I also think Sainz would have marginally less than he currently has. Still a massive difference but I still don’t think Kvyat is quite as bad as many point him out to be. He’d have got 4 not 2 points in the first race if not for his problems and Sainz will ahve lost a couple. Then I think Kvyat will have managed at leased 8th in China. Another 4. 9th in Monaco I think but Perez took him out. 2 points. In Baku, I think he’ll have managed 8th and got 4 points. This may only result in 16, but at leased it shows that he wouldn’t be behind Palmer and Wehrlein in the driver standings. The other thing that I think Kvyat has been a bit unlucky with is that when he’s retired due to reliability it is usually a race where the car looks to be capable of a good result. He has also some looked better than Sainz on tracks that don’t suit the car and this often means that points are not really on offer.

Although many may disagree, I still think he is good enough to remain with the team next year. The team seem to say many positive things about his season still. Something I find a bit strange though is that Horner defended him quite a lot when he his Verstappen and Alonso and said it wasn’t anything that bad. And also, the team boss at Toro Rosso blamed both drivers for the collision at Silverstone.

The main thing I am trying to point out is although Kvyat isn’t having a good year, his reliability has really affected his score. If Sainz had had retirements in several raced that it looked like he was going to get at leased a decent result, I think he would have a lot less than he does now. Before people have a go at me, Sainz has had a much better season, but in my view, not by as much as most think.

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