F1 INBOX – Your Questions On Mercedes, Ferrari And Silverstone Answered!



I don’t agree that drivers should be more cautious, but I do think that, on occasion, they might do well to remind themselves that their rivals aren’t simply going to disappear when they turn in for a corner. We’ve seen it often over the years, but it becomes particularly obvious on street circuits. Baku was a shining example as Esteban Ocon turned in on Kimi Raikkonen on the first lap, leading to the end of the Frenchman’s race.


Of course there’s method behind the madness. Turn in, and the guy behind is going to have to stand on the anchors. You’ve got the advantage, away you go. And if you’re ahead then theoretically it is your corner. But this is where wiser heads prosper. There’s no guarantee that the guy behind or alongside you is going to back out. So giving a bit of space might at least see your race run to the end of the first lap. Again, I don’t think I’d class that as being cautious. It’s just being smart.

I think your question, however, comes in light of Silverstone and Hamilton’s turning in with Raikkonen firing up the inside. In this situation, I don’t see what else Hamilton is supposed to have done. He’s given ample room, isn’t looking to take a normal line, isn’t gunning for the apex, and turns as late as possible without actually driving off track. The same was true of Bottas in France. But when the car you’re trying to give space to is locked up and out of control, they’re on a collision course no matter how late you turn.

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F1 INBOX – Your questions on Mercedes, Ferrari and Silverstone answered!
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