F1 Still Talking About Supermodel Throwing Premature Checkered Flag At Canadian GP


It remains to be seen whether Formula One officials will continue to use celebrities and others to wave the checkered flag after Sunday’s embarrassing incident at the conclusion of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Well, let’s make that a conclusion that came two laps early instead of the scheduled 70-lap event.


The reason the race was “shortened” had nothing to do with weather or track conditions. Rather, supermodel Winnie Harlow was given the honor of waving the checkered flag in Sunday’s race.

The only problem is she waved the flag one lap early! Ergo, the race finished two laps shorter than advertised, much to the chagrin of competitors, teams and fans.

F1 rules state that if a checkered flag is waved too early, the race is considered over at the end of the last completed lap. Because Harlow waved the checkered flag before Lap 69 was over, the race outcome reverted back to an official completion after Lap 68.

According to various reports, Harlow was instructed to wave the flag by a race official after there was apparently a miscommunication or misunderstanding between race control and officials in the start/finish flagstand.

Ergo, an official next to Harlow told her to throw the checkers, even though there was still one more lap to be run.

As a result, F1 officials ruled the race complete after Lap 68, two laps prematurely.

Harlow took to Twitter to give more of her side of the situation.

“IT WASNT ME” *Shaggy Voice* when they tell you to wave the flag a lap too early ]]>😂😩😡🏁🏁🙏🏽🏎😉😁

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Source : https://sports.yahoo.com/f1-still-talking-supermodel-throwing-185219276.html

F1 still talking about supermodel throwing premature checkered flag at Canadian GP
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