Facebook’s Eddie O’Neil Takes Over Platform As Deb Liu Grows Marketplace

There’s a new czar running Facebook’s developer platform tools. Because Facebook’s classifieds feature Marketplace is growing, it will now command the full attention of Deb Liu, who previously ran Platform. She’s now formally the VP of Marketplace. Eddie O’Neil, a six-year Facebook employee who was a director of product management after coming from Salesforce engineering, will be the new head of Facebook Platform. He’s in charge of Facebook Analytics, Login, Account Recovery, Social Plugins and support for SDKs, APIs and other developer community products.

TechCrunch heard from a source that Facebook’s Platform was undergoing an organizational change, and the company now confirms the leadership changes.

The organization change emphasizes just how important Facebook sees Marketplace. The feature lets people buy and sell goods from people in their area. As of May, Marketplace saw 18 million items posted per month in the U.S., and expanded to 17 countries across Europe in August after rolling out in Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and the U.K.

Marketplace isn’t just furniture and electronics any more. Now it supports Jobs listings, Daily Deals thanks to a partnership with eBay, event tickets through Eventbrite and Ticketmaster, and products from the Shop section of Facebook business pages. Next, Facebook plans to let car dealership sell vehicles through Marketplace, and allow real estate agents to list apartments there.

Facebook has a huge opportunity to use its ubiquity, non-stop usage and real identity system to outcompete Craigslist, the long-standing leader in online classifieds. The biggest problem with Craigslist is people don’t trust the strangers they want to transact with as there are no profiles or social graphs.

With Facebook Marketplace, you could look to see if you have friends in common with someone you want to buy from, or that at least they have a filled-out profile with photos and friendships so they’re less likely to be a scammer or serial killer.

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Source : https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/13/facebook-platform/

Facebook’s Eddie O’Neil takes over Platform as Deb Liu grows Marketplace
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