First Look: The Formula 1 Inspired Mercedes AMG Project One


To start with the obvious question: No, the Cigarette Racing 515 Project One speedboat doesn't use Mercedes-AMG engines. While it'd be easy to assume as much from the massive AMG logos smeared across its flanks, this manned warhead of a motorboat is driven through the water by a pair of 9.0-liter Mercury Racing V-8s that each generate 1,350 horsepower on 91-octane gasoline and 1,550 ponies on race fuel. That's around 30 percent more power than the upcoming Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar it shares part of its name with...though the super-limited-run sports car's Formula One-derived turbocharged 1.6-liter V-6 hybrid will make its output a bit more efficiently than the boat's giant engines. (Fun fact: At a combined 3,440 pounds, the twin Mercury motors alone weigh roughly a quarter-ton more than the entire Project One hypercar is expected to tip the scales at.)

As with all Mercedes-Benz's high-performance division's input into its ninth collaboration with Miami-based speedboat builder Cigarette Racing, AMG's involvement is largely limited to the design and branding of the boat. Daimler's chief design officer Gordon Wagener worked on the design on the 2018 boat himself—and as if a Mercedes-Benz USA spokesperson's declaration of the design boss's enthusiasm for the project weren't proof enough of his belief in the AMG/Cigarette partnership, his decision to fly over to the Miami Boat Show to take a ride on the boat along with a gaggle of assembled journalists was a pretty strong testament to it. 


Still, the tweaks made to the AMG Cigarette boat amount to more than a snazzy paint job and the occasional on-board German. At 51 feet, 5 inches long, the 515 Project One is 17 inches longer than the Marauder SS that formerly took the spot of largest boat in the regular Cigarette Racing performance lineup—yet at 112 pounds, it's slightly lighter, thanks to greater use of lightweight materials like Kevlar and carbon fiber. (Second fun fact: The carbon fiber engine air intakes each stretch seven feet long and 14 inches wide, but weigh less than four and a half pounds a pop.)

A 9-foot-6-inch beam—a full foot and a half greater than the Marauder SS—makes it wide enough for four people to sit abreast in the back of the open cabin, while the pilot and his shotgun rider both benefit from captain's chairs mounted in front of 24-inch Garmin-made digital dashboards that make a Tesla's gauge clusters and infotainment system look like iPhones by comparison. There's also a tiny enclosed space with a pair of beds inside the lengthy prow, which one of the journalists* on the trip took to crassly describing as a "bang chamber."

*It was me.

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