Florida Man, 20, Wins US$451m In Mega Millions

A 20-year-old man in the US has won a Mega Millions lottery grand prize of US$451 million (NZ$626 million), the fourth largest prize in the game's 21-year history.

Shane Missler, a former background screening worker from Port Richey, Florida, picked the winning six-number combination for the record haul.

In Mega Millions, players pick five numbers between one and 70, along with an additional number between one and 25. The additional number is known as the Mega Ball - similar to the Powerball in New Zealand's Lotto.

Mr Missler reportedly wasn't very surprised with the win, saying he was a deep believer in the "power of the positive mindset" and had "a feeling" his numbers would make him rich.

Nevertheless, he took to Facebook to express his feelings over the win with three simple words.

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Source : http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2018/01/florida-man-20-wins-us-451m-in-mega-millions.html

Florida man, 20, wins US$451m in Mega Millions
Florida man wins $451 million Mega Millions jackpot
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20-year-old Florida man wins Mega Millions jackpot
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20-year-old wins $451 million in Mega Millions jackpot