For Allegedly Brutal Prison Guard, Day Of Reckoning Arrives


Thoughts of you run through my mind more than I think of myself.

The nightmares of you are not only when I am asleep, they come at any part of the day when you cross my mind, which turns my comfortability from at ease, to my back being against the wall. Only my faith in God allows me to gain ease and remain sane from certain tortures of you creeping through my mentality. And to mention the pain and uncertainty that my children endure. Being terrified as they are, 12- and 8-year-old kids who watch their every move as if, one day, you will be somewhere behind them.


And for my mother who weeps tears of pain for the devastation you have brought into her family, as my father plays the role of a heartbroken knight in shining armor to the safety you have taken away from us. So he guards his family as if we were locked in a cage small enough that it fits into his pocket, to be for certain that nothing will happen harmfully to us as he is our protection.

And almighty God is for certain overall our ultimate protection! Your sentencing today I ask for not at all leniency and that the maximum sentence to be considered today.

As I come to end my facing with you, I will leave you, Quashawn Jones, with this: The time you receive today will be merely a punishment of the one you will face with your Lord on your day of reckoning! Consider this a temporary punishment for the lifetime of horror you have brought into my brain with an indescribable pain only I can feel.

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Source : http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/quashawn-jones-sentenced-to-years-for-a-c-shooting/article_f3fc3c20-37bc-11e5-8a6e-67458eaf65bc.html

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