Formula 1 Set For Stronger Helmets In 2019

7 December 2017 – The FIA's Safety Commission has given the green-light to stronger helmets, set to be introduced in Formula 1 in 2019, along with enhanced biometric monitoring.

Amid the ongoing drive to increase safety standards in motorsport, head protection has become a focal point in recent years, due to a sequence of incidents and near-misses.

The most striking change comes with the introduction of the halo in Formula 1 and Formula 2 next year, with the device favoured over the canopy-style Aeroscreen and Shield systems.

The FIA has now approved the release of a "new top-end helmet standard (Advanced Helmet), which offers several safety improvements over the previous highest standard".

The new approach has been labelled a "landmark development" that will "offer the best protection available".

The features are:

- Advanced ballistic protection

- Energy absorption increase

- More rigorous impact testing

- Extended area of protection

The new helmet standard is to be implemented in the FIA's "major championships" over the coming years, beginning with Formula 1 in 2019.

A new biometric safety standard has also been created, with the primary ambition of allowing full-time monitoring for performance data.

It is also hoped that the new standard will "allow athletes to track their biological data before, during and after racing to improve training, injury prevention and performance".

The FIA also added that it is "working on a project of biometric gloves conforming to this standard which will improve rescue response operations through immediately-available vital biological data as well as assist the decision-making process, even if communication with drivers may not be possible".

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Formula 1 set for stronger helmets in 2019
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