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Amazon continues to double down on its mobile esports play, hosting

Mobile Masters Las Vegas over the weekend, where 24 professional teams and players competed in titles that included Vainglory, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and World of Tanks Blitz. The move served as a sequel to June’s inaugural Mobile Masters New York and extended Amazon’s ownership in the space, which also includes events such as Champions of Fire. Mobile Masters Las Vegas was presented in partnership with eSports Productions and ESL and held at the Millennial Esports Arena at Neonopolis in the city.


Cynopsis Esports caught up with

Benjamin Gauthey, head of Amazon Esports, to discuss the company’s play into mobile esports and lessons learned along the way.


Gauthey on mobile events: About a year ago, my team approached me with the idea of hosting the Super Bowl for casual, mobile games. It would be in Las Vegas and feature this great lineup casual games and that turned out to be Champions of Fire, which took place last December. What we saw based on that event went beyond what we were expecting, and we had players ask us if they could return for the next one. We were then approached about doing something for the hardcore gamer with games such as Vainglory. So we decided to make Champions of Fire more casual, while Mobile Masters would be for the core audience. Meanwhile, Champions of Fire will be coming back for a second time.


On content: With Amazon, it is all about content when it comes to esports. The quality of the content is getting better and better as the industry continues to evolve and of course Twitch is a get way distribute content as well as have two-way communication. Right now, you can watch and play, and you can have a conversation with a player, which is something you can’t do with a TV. We are about bringing people together through our content and we are trying to amplify the gameplay with the story of the player.


On surprises: My biggest surprise was how excited people were to take part in these events and how they connect. Here at Mobile Masters, you see someone who plays Vainglory playing beside someone who does World of Tanks. They don’t know each other but they end up playing a game together because they are here together. We are trying to build a bridge to connect gamers in much the same way that a Coachella will bring together fans of music.

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