Forsaken World Mobile – Will Mobile Make It Better?

Google is clearly one of the contenders in the growing smartphone race. It has timely released its new flagship, the Pixel 2, shortly after the iPhone 8 was introduced and made available to the public.

Pixel 2: Best Mobile Camera?

Since Google introduced the first generation of Pixels last year, the company was pretty clear on what its smartphone will be most known for -- its camera. And as far as DxOMark's standards go, Google delivered on that promise.

DxOMark is known as the industry's "reference for image quality." Both the first and second generation Pixel smartphones broke DxOMark's record for the highest score given to a mobile camera.

The organization has commended the Pixel 2 for its ability in "rendering detail" in whatever lighting condition.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 also sits in an impressive position in the hierarchy of mobile cameras and was given a 92 rating by DxOMark. The iPhone 8's camera also performed well, especially in terms of stabilization and image exposure. However, it reportedly struggled in environments with low light.

Other Technical Specifications

In the display aspect, the Pixel 2 has a slightly bigger screen that measures 5 inches while the iPhone 8 has the standard 4.7-inch size.

Technically, the Pixel 2 does not sport the bezel-less trend in its screen design. However, its display panel was still made of the more flexible AMOLED that allowed Google to push the sides of the screen way further to the edges. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 stuck with an LCD screen and looked identical to the iPhone 7 on the front end.

Inside these smartphones are the most advanced mobile chipsets available in the world. The Pixel 2 is powered by the reliable Snapdragon 835 paired with a 4 GB random access memory. On the other hand, Apple packed the iPhone 8 with the A11 Bionic chip that they promised to be 25 percent faster than the processor on the iPhone 7.

However, on several tests, reports have not been impressed when the A11 Bionic chip's performance was compared to a Snapdragon 835-powered device. While a direct speed comparison between the iPhone 8 and Pixel 2 has yet to be made, a recent test showed that a Galaxy Note 8 with Snapdragon 835 actually performed better than an A11 Bionic-run iPhone 8 Plus.

With these key aspects in mind, it can be said that the Pixel 2's camera gives the device a good head start over the iPhone 8. If a buyer adds the price tag to the comparison list, it makes Google's device an even better option. The Pixel 2 can purchased at $649 with 64 GB memory while an iPhone 8 with the same capacity costs $699.

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