Futuristic Formula 1 Concept Poses Next To 2018 Renault Megane RS At IAA 2017

Arguably the most striking change when compared to the current lot of Formula 1 cars is the enclosed cockpit, with the glass cover allowing the driver to see outside. The series will make a compromise in this direction next year, when Halo will be added to the single-seaters, looking like a glorified flip-flop.

Another weird visual trait of the RS 2027 Vision is the lighting system, with headlights integrated into the extremities of the front wing and lit wheels. For what it’s worth, the typical Formula 1 car needs only one light, and that’s the LED cluster at the rear that illuminates during braking and energy harvesting.

Probably the most surprising aspect of the one-off is the powertrain, which combines the current-era turbocharged V6 with two electric motors that propel the front wheels. More to the point, it’s an all-wheel-drive affair at times, and it has a power-to-weight ratio that might make some jaws drop. Tipping the scales at almost 600 kilograms (1,323 pounds), the concept takes pride in a combined output of 1,000 kW, which is 1,360 PS and 1,341 HP, respectively.

Enter torque vectoring and four-wheel steering, and you’ll get the full picture on what makes the Renault Sport-signed study so impressive. The question is, would you like to see Formula 1 cars get even more high-tech or would you prefer going back to basics (i.e., less electronic trickery and more raw talent)?

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Source : https://www.autoevolution.com/news/futuristic-formula-1-concept-poses-next-to-2018-renault-megane-rs-at-iaa-2017-120382.html

Futuristic Formula 1 Concept Poses Next To 2018 Renault Megane RS At IAA 2017
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