Geek Review: DJI Osmo Mobile

We’ll spare you the technical details, but it’s hard to beat the controllable range, light weight, 4K video quality, and relatively low prices of DJI’s products. Whether you prefer an all-in-one solution or the flexibility of using your own phone, here are five reasons why we love using both Osmos:

The Osmo Handheld makes expensive Steadicams redundant. Remember the days when professional cameramen strapped on heavy packs to ensure a shot was stable? The Osmo Handheld brings drone-quality technology and stability to everyday shooting on the ground. It’s able to capture from 24 to 120 frames per second in either 720p or 1080p, ideal for all kinds of shots. See the difference for yourself below.

The DJI App is easy to use. Cap with the Osmo Handheld is truly point and shoot, thanks to the intuitive DJI App. And because you don’t have to calibrate a separate camera for use, getting the perfect shot is as easy as pressing “record.”

If you’re so inclined, you can BYOP with the Osmo Mobile. If you’re OK shooting on your own equipment, look no further than the Osmo Mobile to add a degree of professionalism to the end result. Slide in your phone, and let the DJI gimbal smooth out the shot. The elevated stability and quality are almost unbelievable. Because it’s connected to your smartphone, you can share Osmo Mobile results in real time to your preferred social networks.

Your photos are due for an upgrade, too. Hardly a one-trick pony, the Osmo Mobile enhances the quality of both videos and photos. Use it to capture everything from time-lapse photos to long exposures. And its panorama mode—in which the Osmo swivels in perfect stability up to 360 degrees—is worthy of a standing ovation.

They keep track of what’s important. A hallmark of what makes DJI’s product so desirable is Active Track: a visual tracking system that leverages line of sight, not GPS, to keep your subjects in frame at all times. It’s standard on the Osmo Mobile through the integrated DJI App. Now, go out and find something worth shooting.

Buy The DJI Osmo Handheld Now, $439

Buy The DJI Osmo Mobile Now, $199

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