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The DAP-led Opposition has always been a strong critic of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), however are always as silent as the grave when reprimanded to ask questions and hear the truth pertaining the controversy.


After reproaching DAP candidate for the Segambut parliamentary seat Hannah Yeoh for not showing up during the 1MDB talk in her turf Subang Jaya recently, the government's strategic investment arm's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arul Kanda Kandasamy has demanded for DAP leaders to attend another open session in Penang tomorrow (May 3).

“DAP leaders, who have all this while been spreading false information regarding 1MDB, should make it a point to attend the session.

“This is a good opportunity for them (and the public) to ask any question. I am not afraid to answer. We want to tell them the real story.

“I hope they (DAP leaders) will attend. After hearing our explanation, I am sure that they will never play with the 1MDB issue again to cause confusion among the people,” he was quoted saying in NST, after a session recently at Kota Baru.

However, Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications (BNSC) Deputy Director Datuk Eric See-To personally does not see this happening.

“I bet none of the DAP leaders in Penang will come. Just like my session on Penang Tunnel in Guan Eng's Bagan as well as my open invitation for Pakatan leaders in a forum in PJ recently.”

And the only reason for the no show according to Eric, is that the Opposition members “are afraid that their propaganda will be blown apart”, besides believing that they will want to prolong their endless lies because they are not keen on finding out the truth about 1MDB.

“Why can't these DAP people stand by what they accuse? If what they accuse is true then there is no reason why they do not come to embarrass me or Arul Kanda, right?

“Unless of course Pakatan and DAP leaders main objective is to continue lying to the people with their misleading propaganda and outright lies,” he opined.

The Opposition led by DAP has been blowing the 1MDB issue out of proportion for their propaganda to fish for votes.

In an interview with Malaysian Digest recently, Arul Kanda explains, this is exactly why he sees the need to conduct the talks closer to the Election Day this May 9, for people to get their facts right.

“If there is any coincidence with the GE14 timing, then blame the Opposition, as they restarted and recycled the attacks for political mileage. There is definitely no political mileage for me in setting up this site, as the last time I checked, I am a corporate CEO, not a politician.

“As a company, it is our responsibility to provide the company's point of view on these attacks,” he said.


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Source : http://malaysiandigest.com/news/735868-dap-prefer-lying-to-the-people-instead-of-hearing-the-truth-at-1mdb-talk-in-penang.html

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