Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Review


The Steam summer sale started not long ago, with more discounts on more games than ever before. Unfortunately, the store and the Monster Summer Game developed to let gamers try and earn more discounts are currently facing difficulties presumably because of a heavy traffic load.

The Steam summer sale is one of the biggest video games sales of the year, featuring hundreds of games with discounts up to 140 percent off! In truth, most discounts range up to 80 percent, but the "140 percent off" bit is just one of the glitches currently occurring in the Steam store. Though this discount was only shown for a few minutes, technically anyone who purchased the game Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride at this time should have been paid $4.01 from Steam.


In addition to this error in pricing, currently trying to access the Steam store will often incur error messages and pages failing to load.

Though these last two issues are occurring sporadically, Steam is hosting a game on the store page to help attract more customers. By playing the game, users can win Steam trading cards and unlock special discounts available only to them.

Unfortunately, trying to play the game is an uphill battle. If the front page of the game loads, trying to start the game often fails. If the game starts, you might have an issue where the monsters don't load, and if they do load, you might not be able to interact with them.

Fortunately for most users, the sale continues until June 20, and new games will be hosted every day. Though the site is currently facing problems, Steam has undoubtedly already noticed the issue and is working on ways to fix it. So if you aren't seeing that game you were hoping to be on discount, or things just aren't working for you, just be patient and keep trying.

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