Gurkha Feedback Wanted – Plus Giveaway

1. Have 5 or 6 “Gurkha” branded lines all with good aged tobacco but some aged longer

2. In each line offer a Natural and Maduro or Natural and sun-grown but no more than two types of wrappers per line and the filler and binder remaining constant.

3. Get rid of the cartoon names and cartoon style bands/boxes. They look like Thompsons brand bulk sticks not good quality handmade cigars. This could be part of the reason Gurkha’s are sold at the same price in the same bundles.

4. Fix your MSRP and make it realistic. I wouldn’t at this point right now I would NOT smoke any of your cigars ahead of a Padron, Fuente, Alec Bradley and I wouldn’t pay more for one either. The quality isn’t there.

5. Make your fewer blends more interesting, keep us excited and make it so we can’t wait to smoke another Gurkha. Have transitions in your blends, watch videos on, see what Bryan likes…if he likes it there is a good chance a lot more people will also.

6.Mild doesn’t have to be plan and can have a ton of flavor and transitions too.

I like the idea to have merch and swag but if you don’t improve your blends and line in general and focus money and time in making tee’s, cigar cutters and ashtrays rather than making some good sticks get out of the cigar business and start focusing on accessories if that’s where you can excel. I’ve had a few Gurkha’s in my time and there aren’t any at all I’d pick over the brands I mentioned above so you have to put 100% into the cigars themselves if you want to survive because there are so many good smokes out there we can live without Gurkha but Gurkha can’t make it without us. People just don’t want to smoke them so much that CO was forced to say no more to your brand (Gurkha) in our cigar lotteries due to everyone pawning them off be cause they wouldn’t miss them being gone and the people that were winning the FREE Gurkha’s didn’t want to be stuck with them either.

I hope this helps and to reinforce the fact that I don’t hate all Gurkha there has been some I’ve enjoyed but so many have been bad I cant explore your brand anymore due to the fact I cannot afford to throw away a stick no matter the cost, I do not have a disposal in come whatsoever. As far as naming the cigar ill leave that up to you but id prefer something like a “Gurkha 77b” in Natural vs anything you have named in the past. Thanks and good luck in all your future endeavors.

~Josh Paris

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