HTC's U11 Will Support Bluetooth 5.0 When Android O Arrives

U11 owners should be aware that even though the device has been certified for Bluetooth 5.0, it won't actually be able to take advantage of these enhanced features until Android O launches a little later this year. But when it does, the U11 will be one of the better devices out there to work with smart appliances as well as smart watches -- with the bottleneck of slow Bluetooth speeds removed, those devices should work a lot better.

Unfortunately, according to >Android Central, the U11 won't support transmitting over greater distances, one of the most notable features of Bluetooth 5.0. The site notes that not all of Bluetooth 5.0's features have to be supported to receive certification -- it's a bit confusing, but at the very least U11 owners can look forward to faster data transmission speeds when Android O arrives.

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HTC's U11 will support Bluetooth 5.0 when Android O arrives
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