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After a couple of romantic movies earlier this year, like Ok Jaanu and Half Girlfriend, Shraddha Kapoor is all ready to surprise her fans with her role as a ‘half gangster’ in her next movie, Haseena Parkar. Puns apart, as you might be knowing by now, it is a biopic on Haseena Parkar, Dawood Ibrahim’s lesser popular sibling who passed away some time back. She was one of the important persons in handling Dawood’s Mumbai operations, and she was herself embroiled in some 80 odd cases. But she appeared in the court for only one, a cheating and forgery case in 2007. Shraddha plays Haseena in the movie, while Dawood will be played by Shraddha’s elder brother Siddhant Kapoor (Ugly, Shootout at Wadala).

Earlier titled Haseena: The Queen of Mumbai, the makers had rightfully changed to Haseena Parker. I had been to a special preview of the teaser at director Apoorva Lakhia’s house, where he revealed that the title has been changed because he didn’t want to glorify the subject. Valid point, indeed. He also revealed that there were two years of research involved in the making, where he has gone to meet the real Parkar and used actual stuff and pros from here while shooting for the movie. Some of this was quite evident in the teaser, which will come out later today. Here are five things you can expect from the teaser.


The drastic transformation of Shraddha Kapoor

The teaser doesn’t actually show much of Shraddha Kapoor’face until the very end. Her character is mostly shown from side angles or behind shots, or when she is seen in a burkha. It’s only near the very end that we get a proper glimpse of Shraddha, that is also seen in the first poster, and that remains the most powerful shot of the trailer. Though she never really looks like the real Haseena Parkar, the prosthetics on her face makes her nearly unrecognisable. No more Riya Somani, it will be a shocking surprise for her fans.

Very less of Dawood Ibrahim

The movie is about Dawood’s sister, so we shouldn’t really expect to see too much of him in the movie, since Haseena was based in Mumbai while Dawood fled to Dubai and later Pakistan. So, rightfully, even teaser only had a glimpse or two of Siddhant Kapoor as Dawood. But his presence does loom in the trailer throughout.

Shraddha playing a young women to a mother

The movie showcases Haseena’s life from the age when she was 17 till the moment she does. So in the 40-year span, we see glimpses of her as a young girl and later as a mother and a middle-aged woman.

Some gritty action

There are shooutouts, bomb blasts, vehicles getting rammed by trucks – the teaser showed that Apoorva Lakhia is not going to hold back on the action part, but it would be more realistic and will stay true to the events that actually transpired.

That parting shot

Like I said before, the teaser ends on a high with a proper glimpse of Shraddha Kapoor as an older Haseena sitting on a chair in like a boss, as if it’s a throne. Then she says tells the camera that her name hardly matters, only the business do, which is quite true in the case of the real Haseena too.

So tell me, are you quite excited to watch the Haseena teaser?

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Haseena Parkar: 5 things you can expect from the teaser of Shraddha Kapoor’s gangster biopic
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