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The premise of this film is interesting, where it chooses to question whether or not love exists in this world. But the treatment is where it falters, as it seems rather disjointed and long — almost like a daily soap on television that continues to stretch longer than it should.

The film begins with a mass introduction to the hero's character, Avinash, with a flashy introduction song and lots of dialogues. What follows is a story of how he solves a case in a jiffy, but ends up having a lot more after-effects following the same. He meets Sharmila, a sweet yet stringent news anchor and channel owner whose aim is to solve all misdoings. She also doesn't believe in love. Circumstances lead the two take part in a wager where Avinash says that he can make Sharmila fall in love with him in 30 days. The 30 second bit in the title refers to the end, which seems forever to come.

The film has its good moments. There are some picturesque locations. The comedy, at times, evokes a laugh. The maker has tried to talk about umpteen scams and scandals that were recently seen in the country.

But the drawback is the rather shoddy screenplay and some cliched treatment to the comedy, romance and sentimental scenes. The film shifts quickly from being a light-hearted comedy to an over-the-top melodrama in a jiffy, and this can get to the viewer. There are also some regressive dialogues about women and their roles.

If you are the old-school romantic, who believes that love stories need a lot of sentiments, a little action and the heroine transforming into being just the man's prop, this might be for you.

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