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President Trump, a human man, leans in to give his wife, a human woman, a kiss that regular human couples might engage in (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

President Trump isn’t going to like this. Journalist Patrick Züst noticed something funny when he googled “donald trump office.” Can you spot it? It’s not exactly subtle.

Screenshot of the search results on Google when you search “donald trump office”, yielding Vladimir Putin, Melania Trump, and Kellyanne Conway (Screenshot/Google)

For some odd reason, Vladimir Putin features prominently in the search. In fact, if you only glanced at it quickly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the search result was that Vladimir Putin was the President of the United States.


Tech reporter Mike Isaac speculates that the search results are a product of the two politicians coming up together so often, given the current scandals. But Züst says that maybe Google’s AI knows something the rest of us don’t.

On a completely unrelated note, here’s that Dutch documentary about Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia that everyone’s talking about:

Update, May 15th, 5:30am: I just tried the search for “donald trump office” again this morning and Putin is now nowhere to be found.


Interestingly, it looks like a New Hampshire nonprofit called the Live Free or Die Alliance bought the search term and now has the top spot in the search of those three words.

Screenshot of the search results on Google when you search “donald trump office”, as of Monday morning, May 15, 2017 (Screenshot/Google)

So that’s that then. Let us know if you find any other interesting Google search results.

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Source : https://gizmodo.com/guess-who-comes-up-when-you-google-the-president-of-the-1795200479

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