Half Girlfriend Movie Review: Watch It Only If You Enjoy Sleeping In Air Conditioned Movie Theatres

>Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story is…sigh…a love story. And trust us, you will repent that fact many times over while watching this movie, if you manage to find a theatre where it’s playing, that is. So, coming back to the love story between a handsome Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi) and pretty-as-ever English-speaking chhokri Simran (Neha Sharma), here’s what it’s all about: – A bhai who is not happy with his job turns over a new leaf after meeting Ms Right. Heard that before? Sigh!

What makes it all worse is the fact that the script hops ahead in a staccato manner. Sometimes you even get a feeling that a dialogue or two is missing. An ultimate deal-breaker, we’d say.

But as we frowned through many parts of the film, including Jayanta’s ‘joking re’ and Simran’s puppy-faced emoting, we sat waiting for that one moment when the asli Jayantabhai would appear. ‘Coz a major reason for us buying a ticket to this movie was to watch Vivek Oberoi in the avatar of a gangster. Remember Maya Dolas from Shootout At Lokhandwala? Yup, that was the sole motivation.

And, guess what! We did manage to catch a glimpse of the ‘bhai’ we were looking for, albeit in just a couple of scenes. And a loud wail almost escaped from our shocked throats when the movie ended without a single respectable dhishum-dhishum sequence. Sigh!

That’s when the thought popped into our disappointed heads – Vivek Oberoi can perhaps do justice only to the role of a gangster, a bhai. And he should! No one does it the way he can, so why not? Hope you have a decent answer to this one, Vivek – did you agree happily to become the dismal Jayantabhai? Hate you for that.

As for Neha Sharma, she’s a pretty lady with a very cute screen presence and a somewhat irritating phoren accent. This is Mumbai, meri jaan, did you forget?

Nassar’s prowess of playing a villain was totally wasted in the movie. He had very few scenes to his credit. Booohooohoo!

So in the end, we are clueless why Ramesh Taurani thought of casting Vivek in the role of a gangster and Nassar in the role of a villain when he had no intentions of using their strengths at all. Now, after enduring the movie and coming back to air-conditioned comfort to write this, we’re a tad happy that the movie ain’t taking up much space at the theatres.

PS: Half star out of the two belongs just to the two punches that Vivek – the bhai delivered.


2 out of 5

2 Star Rating

Reviewed by Latika Payak

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story movie review: Vivek Oberoi should stick to pure bhaigiri
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